With the recent rebrand of AIA Philippines and its bancassurance subsidiary, BPI AIA, the two life insurance powerhouse companies are focused on pushing the boundaries to achieve their global capabilities, in alignment with the strategies and direction of AIA Group, their Hong Kong-based parent company. Part of this alignment is going full speed ahead with the use of technology, digital and analytics—referred to as TDA—to streamline their processes, strengthen their operations, enable their people, and provide relevant solutions to customers while continuously improving service delivery. 

“With our recent rebrand to AIA Philippines and consequently, BPI AIA, we continue to ramp up our  internal transformation to be better positioned for the future as we embrace our global capabilities, aspiring to lead in the TDA space within the life insurance industry,” stated Leo Tan, Chief Marketing Officer of AIA Philippines.

AIA Philippines Chief Technology Officer, Noel Mendoza, shared various TDA initiatives that the Company has undertaken, emphasizing how the end user is at the center of the project design and development, to ensure ease of use and encourage adoption. This is especially true for projects that have the customers as the end users. “Our customers take the wheel. We will tailor, learn and evolve based on their wants and needs,” shared Mendoza. 

As a life insurer with access to huge amounts of data, data and analytics and the use of cloud are also key areas that can help the business. “We will use the data we have for better insights and understanding. We will re-design our business models around the services they will need,” Mendoza expounded. “And finally, everything in the cloud—it’s where digital lives and comes alive.” 

A practical and convenient platform 

Among all the TDA projects mentioned, the recently launched My AIA platform was showcased in a media briefing, with a walkthrough that highlighted its functionalities. My AIA is an integrated platform where AIA Philippines customers can access the Total Health Solution ecosystem to help them live better, protect better and get better with just a few taps.  

Geegee Lopez, AIA Philippines Chief Operations Officer, further explained, “My AIA is our customers’ all-in-one touchpoint where they can manage their protection, continue to choose living healthy, and access health care should they find themselves under the weather or worse, as may sometimes happen. This platform is the first step to demonstrate our commitment to make protected healthy living easy, and there will be more features coming soon, as we continue our design sprints and customer validations. Again, because we really mean it when we say: We put our customers at the heart of everything we do.”

Geared for the future

The ongoing pandemic has presented a lot of challenges to AIA Philippines and BPI AIA, but both companies have been able to pivot efficiently and effectively. TDA, once just one of the company initiatives, suddenly had to be at the front and center, fast tracking the progress of technology and digitalization projects in the pipeline. Despite the challenges of working remotely, these projects quickly got off the ground, with a timely launch that was able to address the immediate needs of the business and its customers. 

“As we rebranded to AIA Philippines early this year, we firmly embraced the importance of TDA as a key component underpinning the various pillars of our business strategy,” remarked Kelvin Ang, AIA Philippines Chief Executive Officer. “As we go through transformation on our processes and the development of technology projects, TDA’s influence will not be limited to these, but will also necessitate a culture change, where we adapt agile ways of working as we continue to build a culture of innovation within AIA Philippines. These will all come together to help us fulfill our purpose of helping Filipinos live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives.” 

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