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Hello Searchers! Its time to update your shopping carts once again as we are just a few days away from another big Shopee Sale!

This time, we are featuring Ace Hardware Official Store as you can get up to 50% off at the launch of their official store on Shopee during 10.10 Brands Festival Sale.


You know, one of the most abused appliances in the house is our electric fans. Especially now that we are all working from home, our fans might be on almost 24/7.

Dont worry they will restock! DOWELL D.FAN 16″ TFA16: 

This 16-inch Dowell Desk Fan TFA16 is perfect for any room in the house, and now that its priced at just P947 or 50% off its original price tag of P1895, you have all the more reasons to add this to your cart.

FIREFLY Rechargeable Fan W/ Night Light

FIREFLY Rechargeable Fan W/ Night Light 7in. FEL-654: P1,000 P499

For those working from home and sharing the “office” with their children you might want to get a mini fan for your own table. This Rechargeable Firefly Fan doubles a backup in case the power goes off and you still need to work as it also has a night light. No more hot heads over browouts!

You can now get it for only P499 from its original P1000 price again thats 50% off!

Bosch GO 2 (Cordless Screwdriver)

For DIY Dads who are looking for a reliable tool for fixing the house—this is something you can even lend to your wife or bigger children.

The Bosch GO 2 (Cordless Screwdriver) features easy to control dual Activation Mode. Precise Power Bosch Go – Minimum Effort, Maximum Efficiency, so you dont need the extra muscle to loosen (or tighten) those screws.

If you get it during the 10.10 Shopee sale, you can save 30% and you only have to pay P2,240 for this handy device!

Be sure to check out the official ACE Hardware Store on Shopee for more great products at big discounts this Shopee 10.10 sale!

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