A Kotse-serye road trip

After making its debut in the movie Transformers as the Autobot Skids, the Chevrolet Spark now makes its grand Philippine TV appearance in “Sparkada Trip” a mini-series currently airing on Studio 23.
The kotse-serye chronicles the adventures of the Alex (played by Xian Lim) and his “Sparkada” composed of George (Ketchup Eusebio), Ynah (Charee Pineda) and Joy (Gee Canlas) as they search for his missing girlfriend Nora (Helga Krapf).
The group goes on a roller coaster adventure as they try to figure out what happened to their friend using the Spark as their means of transportation. As they come close to finding Nora and solving the mystery of her whereabouts, they also discover the many amazing features of their car.
According to the creators of the show, the series promises to show an entertaining depiction of friendships, young romance as the “sparkada” encounters several misadventures.
As it is every youngster’s dream to have his/her very own car that sort of symbolizes their freedom and independence, the Chevrolet is a brand for real people who live by their convictions and value friends and family as much as their individuality. By staying true to themselves and working hard they are free to pursue their passions, find the fun in life and even get a little crazy at times.  The series will unravel the many amazing features of the Spark on the areas of youthful and vibrant design, practicality and affordability.


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