ZUS Coffee Game-Changing App, lets you customize your coffee experience

Coffee lovers, get ready for a different kind of experience with ZUS Coffee, the brand that’s out to reshape the Filipino coffee scene!

From left Terence Ho – ZUS Coffee Co-Founder and Head of Barista; Dato’ Abdul Malik Melvin Castelino – Malaysian Ambassador to the Philippines; Janica Lao – ZUS Coffee Philippines Strategic Investor; Venon Tian – ZUS Coffee COO; Jared Lao- ZUS Coffee Philippines Strategic Investor; Correne Chen – ZUZ Coffee Philippines Country Manager

Launching with ten caffeine-powered outlets and quickly becoming a favorite, ZUS Coffee offers a unique blend of cutting-edge technology and flavor innovation, all accessible through their intriguing app.

Since its debut in 2019, ZUS Coffee has established a name for its innovation, community, and accessibility, growing to over 400 stores in Malaysia in just five years.

Venon Tian, COO of ZUS Coffee, explains, “ZUS Coffee is a necessity, not a luxury, which is a driving factor for us to tirelessly make specialty coffee accessible from the perspective of price point, taste, and location“, emphasizes Venon Tian, COO of ZUS Coffee.

The heart of ZUS Coffee’s innovative approach is its user-friendly app, designed to give you total control over your coffee experience.

From customizing your drink’s taste, temperature, and timing to a simple tap for reordering your favorite blend, the app offers a seamless and personalized interaction. It utilizes customer preferences to continually evolve and introduce new flavors, ensuring that each cup is a new adventure.

ZUS Coffee isn’t just about coffee; it’s about creating a tailored experience. Their range includes Filipino favorites like the Spanish Latte and exotic delights such as Gula Melaka, along with an impressive array of Buttercreme Lattes, Frappes, and more. Each option is customizable – from the type of beans to the level of sweetness and additional toppings, making every cup distinctively yours.

The secret menu, a creation of ZUS Coffee’s most dedicated fans, lives on TikTok, where enthusiasts share and discover hidden gems within the menu, further enhancing the community aspect of ZUS Coffee.

Beyond beverages, ZUS Coffee pairs its coffees with an assortment of breads and pastries. In the Philippines, the donuts are particularly popular, alongside the distinctly Filipino Adobo Pan De Sal, making for perfect companions to their meticulously crafted drinks.

ZUS Coffee’s dedication to excellence extends to its sourcing of 100% Arabica beans from the finest coffee-growing regions like Guatemala, Kenya, and Papua New Guinea, adapting to bean seasons to ensure peak flavor. Committed to ethical practices, ZUS Coffee engages in Direct Trade to ensure fair prices and sustainable practices, benefiting both the farmers and consumers.

With plans to expand to 150 outlets across the Philippines and introduce a new Filipino-inspired drink, ZUS Coffee is rapidly becoming a cornerstone of coffee culture. “Our growth is fueled by our commitment to meet and exceed our customers’ needs,” Tian remarks, emphasizing that ZUS Coffee is more than just a coffee shop—it’s a movement.

Why is ZUS Coffee a must-try? It’s not just the quality of the coffee, but the empowerment it offers to every customer through its innovative app, making specialty coffee an everyday luxury that’s tailored just for you. Dive into the ZUS Coffee experience and see how technology and taste can revolutionize your coffee ritual.

ZUS Coffee is on a mission to advance the concept of coffee consumption and make specialty coffee affordable for everyone everywhere.

Download the ZUS app on Google Play and the App Store. Ordering can also be done through GrabFood and foodpanda. For more information about ZUS Coffee, visit zuscoffee.ph and its socials, such as @zuscoffee.ph on Instagram and @zuscoffeeph on TikTok and Facebook.

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