Xiaomi holds first POP Run in PH with over a thousand runners

On a blissful morning painted with vibrant hues of sunrise, the Xiaomi Pop Run 2023 made its grand debut in the Philippines, creating an electric atmosphere at the Bridgetowne Destination Estate. More than a thousand fitness aficionados and Xiaomi enthusiasts gathered, eager to embark on an exhilarating journey of health, fun, and camaraderie. Let’s dive into the highlights of this unforgettable event!

A Global Fitness Fiesta: Xiaomi’s Pop Run Phenomenon
Originating from the celebrated Xiaomi Orange Run in China, the Xiaomi Pop Run has rapidly evolved into a global fitness sensation since its inception in 2018. Boasting four years of monumental success, the event has etched itself in the hearts of Xiaomi aficionados, beckoning them to celebrate health, style, and the innovative spirit of Xiaomi. The 2023 edition marked a groundbreaking debut in the Philippines, energizing the local fitness community and fostering a renewed zest for an active lifestyle.

Dawn of Excitement: Kickstarting the Day
As the clock struck 4 AM, the atmosphere at Bridgetowne Destination Estate was already charged with anticipation. Participants swarmed in, geared up for a day packed with adrenaline-pumping races and fun-filled activities.

Notably, the stylish new Xiaomi Smart Band 8 made a prominent appearance among the crowd, showcasing its seamless fusion of fashion and functionality. Warmly welcomed by the event’s cheerful staff, upbeat music, and colorful decorations, the participants couldn’t help but get caught up in a festive mood.

Participants had the choice of challenging themselves with a 10k competitive race or enjoying a leisurely 3k run. The competitive spirits soared high in the 10k race, where timing and rankings fueled the runners’ determination, culminating in fabulous Xiaomi prizes for the winners. On the other hand, the 3k race offered a delightful experience with a treasure trove of goodies waiting for the participants at the finish line.

Scenic Routes and Heartwarming Moments: The Race Experience
With the first light of dawn, the runners set off on their chosen routes, with the 10k runners starting at 5:10 AM and the 3k participants at 5:20 AM. The picturesque scenery of Eulogio Rodriguez Jr. Avenue and Ortigas Avenue Extension provided a perfect backdrop, as runners forged new friendships and cherished moments with loved ones along the way.

Cool-Down Celebrations: Zumba, Yoga, and a Xiaomi Showcase
Post-race, the energy levels remained high as participants indulged in Zumba and Yoga sessions, unwinding and soaking in the celebratory vibes. The Xiaomi showcase, featuring product demos of the Xiaomi Band 8, was a crowd-puller, offering insights into its plethora of features like heart rate monitoring, sleep quality tracking, and GPS functionality for run tracking. With a stunning 1.62” AMOLED display, impressive 16-day battery life, and sleek metallic frame, the Xiaomi Smart Band 8 proved to be a star attraction.

A Grand Finale: Celebrations, Awards, and Unforgettable Stories

The Xiaomi Pop Run 2023 concluded with an award ceremony, raffle draw, and a series of shared experiences from the participants. Sponsors including Redbull, Viu, Salonpas, Fitbar, Bridgetowne Destination Estate, and Robinsons played a crucial role in enhancing the event’s overall atmosphere. Ultimately, the event served as a valuable platform for individuals from various backgrounds to come together in the spirit of health, fitness, and community engagement.

For more information on the Xiaomi Band 8, please visit Xiaomi’s official website and Facebook page

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