#GetActive and Stay Healthy The Easy Way

A century ago, infectious diseases, caused by invading microorganisms, were the leading causes of death, but with the advancement of technology, man has developed cures and even vaccines against these organisms. Today, however, man faces a new threat and it might even be deadlier since we it might even be our daily routines that puts us at risk.

Chronic diseases, caused by a variety of lifestyle and other factors, has become the leading causes of death today according to a recent study.

The study shows that while 66 percent of Filipinos believe they have good knowledge on health, surprisingly 57 percent do not exercise regularly to stay healthy.

The research was done by Watsons Insights on Shoppers Experience (WISE), a division of the world’s largest international health and beauty retailer A.S. Watson Group.

This shows that while majority of Filipinos are interested on health, there are a lot of factors that get in their way from staying healthy. Either they get too busy or too tired from work, plus family duties, household chores and long hours of traffic.

This is the reason why Watsons, recently launched its #GetActive campaign, which aims to inspire Filipinos to be healthy through small, everyday active changes in their routine that will help improve their health.

Viki Encarnacion – Watsons Marketing Director

“Watsons #GetActive campaign is one of our continuous efforts and part of our commitment to improve the lives and health of Filipinos by inspiring them to take small steps to improve their health,” says Watsons Marketing Director Viki Encarnacion. “Small steps such as drinking more water, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, taking deep breaths in between work e-mails, walking from one building to another instead of riding a car or taxi if it’s just in the same area, walking your dog during weekends, and smiling more often can go a long way for our health. The list of small steps which we can do is endless, our days are full of opportunities to do these and Watsons can be their partner to improve their health” adds Encarnacion.

“We want our customers to know that being healthy doesn’t necessarily mean doing major changes and adjustments in our lives like starting to train as a tri-athlete, spend 2 hours in the gym 3 to 5 times a week, own a fancy health equipment at home, spend thousands of pesos on healthy meals or cook difficult or time-consuming healthy recipes, adds Karen Fabres – Watsons Group Marketing Manager.

Karen Fabres – Watsons Group Marketing Manager

At the media event held at SquareOne at the Bonifacio Global City, Watsons invited celebrity chef Barni Alejandro-Rennebeck, to teach guest how to make easy to prepare but healthy meals and conveniently storing them in mason jars. The co-owner of the Sexy Chef, demonstrated two no-cook meals filled with nutrients. The first was a Greek salad which contains chickpeas that lower cholesterol; violet cabbage for vitamin C; cucumber for hydration; romaine lettuce and cherry tomatoes which contain =cancer-fighting lycopenes; black olives; and feta cheese with lemon dressing.

Sexy Chef Barni Alejandro-Rennebeck’s Mason Jar Recipe Demo

For those who love desserts Rennebeck taught them how to make a healthier dessert using chocolate, banana with oats and strawberries. The rolled oats, contains omega-3 fatty acids that prevent the storage of belly fat, bananas are rich in Potassium and strawberries for vitamin C—and who would ever say no to chocolates right?

Mr. World Philippines 2016, Sam Ajdani then shared a few simple work out tips which you can do at home or even at the office. The Iranian-Filipino model and aspiring fitness trainer, suggested classic cardio workouts such as skipping rope, body weight exercises or weight resistance with water jugs, or doing arm dips and sit-ups on a chair. Adjani who has been using Cosmo Body, a fat-burning capsule says taking the supplement before his workout increases his energy and helped him shed off some fat.

Sam Ajdani, Samantha Purvor, Watsons Grp Mktg Mngr Karen Fabres, Grp Trading Mngr Emil Perez, Cat Mngr Rossana Bonifacio

Finally, to emphasize the importance of balanced nutrition, Dr. Mitzi Reodica, a nutritionist and pediatric gastroenterologist, recommended eating five to six kinds of fruits and vegetables and drinking 2.5 liters of water daily (3.3 liters for men).

She also stressed the importance of taking B complex, vitamin E, vitamin A and zinc which are readily available in vitamin form. Vitamins bridges the nutrient gap people don’t get in their regular diet and lifestyle, and can help prevent illnesses.

There are different types of vitamins available and formulated to fulfill different nutritional needs. Some of them are:
• Vitamin A for immunity, vision and healthy skin
• Vitamin B complex for energy production
• Vitamin C for immunity and protection against diseases
• Vitamin E for cell damage repair or prevention and for healthy skin.

At Watsons, there are different brands and products available to fulfill every individual’s nutritional needs depending on age, gender and preferred form – such as Enervon, Conzace, Ceelin, Revicon, Myra E, Centrum, Stresstabs, Berocca, Rogin E, Fern C and Watsons Generics.

To further encourage its shoppers, Watsons is offering up to 20 percent off on select vitamins for select period of time in stores. And for its loyal members, Watsons is offering customers a chance to win trips to Bali, Guam or Sydney, or win an iPhone 7 or iPad for a min P500 single-receipt purchase of select vitamins and health products.

Promo runs until June 28, 2017 and is exclusive to SM Advantage, SM Prestige, PRiMO and BDO Rewards Card holders. Promo is in partnership with Hutchgo.com and Philippine Airlines. (DOH-FDA-CDRR Permit No. 127 s. 2017)

So what are you waiting for? Start doing the small changes in your routine – perhaps on your next meal or next day at work or school!

Start to #GetActive and be healthy with Watsons! Visit any Watsons store nationwide. Visit www.watsonshealth.com.ph or www.facebook.com/WatsonsPH.

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