The Tasty and Healthy way to build muscles–FAST!

Anyone wishing for a lifestyle change cannot ignore the fact that, yes, you are what you eat. So if you’re trying to have a lean and well-toned body, don’t just hit those dumbbells; stock up on the right types of food.

Just as there are foods that help you slim down there are those that actually help bulk you up. To get into the shape that you want quickly, make sure the things you eat are the most beneficial to your muscle-building efforts. Foods that have a positive effect on muscle growth are those that help stimulate protein synthesis, or the process of building muscle proteins inside muscle cells.

Health experts have long discovered that those on a diet rich in omega-3 experienced improvements in muscle metabolism, or the body’s ability to use amino acids to produce muscle proteins. Omega-3 is part of the family of essential fatty acids or the good kind of dietary fats, which play an essential role in hormone production in our bodies, contributing to muscle growth and increased strength. Many body builders feel that omega-3 fatty acids increase their stamina and help them recover quickly from weight-lifting routines.

The catch is that healthy fats cannot be manufactured by the body, so they must be provided by our diet. Among the richest sources of Omega-3 is salmon, which is also abundant in protein. Big Glory Bay (BGB) in General Santos City now makes this super food widely available and affordable for many Filipinos through its Superfish Pacific Salmon product.

Many regard salmon as the healthiest fish in the world, blowing of out the water another beloved healthy treat–tuna–and for several good reasons.

When it comes to giving energy, salmon packs more oomph than tuna. A 150g slab of salmon gives more than half of the recommended daily intake of vitamins B6 and B12, which help your body release energy from other foods you eat. Salmon also offers virtually the same amount of protein as tuna, and has lots more omega-3 content, which, in addition to aiding in muscle recovery after workout, helps protect against heart diseases, lowers high cholesterol and high blood pressure, improves mental health, and even helps prevent certain cancers.

A regular helping of BGB’s Superfish Pacific Salmon gives many Filipino families all the goodness of omega-3, at 15 percent lower the cost of regular salmon products in the market.  Muscling up has never been this good.

Superfish Pacific Salmon is available in all leading supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide.

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