according to >>”The new venue has yet to be officially announced. Those who already bought tickets for the MOA show can contact Ovation Productions at (02) 532-8883 and (02) 747-2143 for a refund..”

I got this in my email seems the group Project Save 182 is targeting not just SM Baguio but the entire SM brand as well.

[A certain Cheryl L. Daytec-Yangot posted on Facebook: “I wrote a letter to Sting’s agents appealing that they abandon SM-Mall of Asia Arena as the venue for the musician’s December concert. Sting, a voice of the oppressed, cannot sing in the halls of an oppressor!”

Daytec-Yangot used to be the lead counsel of the group Project Save 182 who filed a case against SM for its Baguio branch’s redevelopment plan. The case is now awaiting the judge’s final verdict, but the months before that was a busy episode for the anti-SM group who fought their own battle against the company via online – mostly via Facebook and blog posts.

The SM MOA Arena has nothing to do with the case in Baguio except for the fact that it is also under the same holding company as the Baguio branch. However, with this letter to Sting, it seems that the activists behind Project Save 182 are bent on taking down the SM brand in general.

SM Prime Holdings revealed that it exerted all efforts to work things out with Sting and his management. Understandably, the known environment advocate artist was left with no choice in spite of the SM representatives’ appeal.

So in the midst of all the anticipation of the upcoming December 9 concert by Sting, SM MOA Arena management has confirmed that the event has been cancelled upon the decision of the artist himself. Those who have already bought their concert tickets will most likely not take this development lightly, but the MOA Arena management also respects Sting’s final decision.

For the record, SM Baguio City plans to redevelop its facilities in order to address a topsoil erosion problem covering its private property. In the process, 182 trees will be unavoidably affected through earth-balling. The redevelopment plan has complied with all applicable laws and obtained all the necessary government permits, including the DENR and Baguio government.

With this successful move to stop Sting from holding the concert at SM MOA Arena, and referring to the venue as an “oppressor “, it is now looking more like the court battle has extended from saving trees, to ruining a corporate giant’s reputation completely.
This is no longer just about a court battle between environment activists and corporate entities. We are also talking about the possible detrimental effects it will have on the Philippines’ image in the global entertainment industry.]

so for Sting fans who already bought tickets… refund it na!

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