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“Getting a Nokia phone back then reflected my commitment to being there for my family.”

Admit it, before all the fuss about touchscreens and sleek metal frames and glass back, the rave was all about the sturdiest body, intuitive interface, and interchangeable covers and keypads. Before the wide range of games on the App Store and Google Play Store, Snake and Space Impact provided the much-needed fun and diversion. Before social media and other online platforms that linked netizens in real-time regardless of distance, there was already that strong connection—that bond with your first beloved phone, your Nokia 5110, 3310, 6310, 1100, 3200… you name it.

You and the rest of the world were part of the Nokia history. That is why it is not surprising that hearing the brand’s name, Nokia, automatically evokes a memory, nostalgia—a connection. Well, you’re not alone! Let’s hear what others have to say about their Nokia memory.

Allana, 22

“My very first phone was a Nokia 2100. It was a hand-me-down from my mom, who gave it to me when I was in third grade. It was small enough to fit my equally small hand and had a soft keypad. I remember dropping it a lot, but it never broke.

One of my favorite memories with this phone was picking out cases for it. The cases came in many colors, mostly pastel. I remember changing both the front and back covers a lot, and each time I got a new case it kind of felt like I got a new phone, too.”

Jes, 22

“Both my parents had a Nokia 5110, twinning relationship goals circa 1990s. One time they did not allow us to play outside so my siblings and I played Snake on their phones. We were very competitive kids. The one who got the highest score and the longest snake received a little something from my parents.

We did that many times and it became our own family bonding in a way. The Nokia 5110 sort of helped bring us closer together. And the phone’s quality is very good: Kahit ilang beses nabagsak yung phone, maayos pa rin.”

Pau, 26

“My crush would usually play games on his Nokia 3315, which back then had the coolest graphics. Though I already had a Nokia 3210, I asked my mom if we could trade it for a 3315. Luckily, she said yes.

Since then, my crush and I would always play Space Impact, Bantumi and Snake together. We shared so many fun moments with our 3315.”

Len, 44

“I took my sweet time riding the mobile phone trend despite being a tech follower. I didn’t want to be always “accessible.” But that changed when I had my firstborn. I felt I needed a way to make sure I can check on my baby and that whoever was with him can reach me anytime. So I got my first mobile phone, a Nokia 8210. I liked that it was small and lightweight enough to fit in the pocket and be with me anywhere because that meant I can easily place a call to the house even when I was walking around covering a trade show or rushing to the next R&D facility or meeting while on a business trip. Its speed and voice dial capability was also a selling point for me. The interface was very intuitive and the form factor was small enough such that when my son was a year older he would grab the phone and put it in his ear to listen to me talk from the other side whenever I would check on him.

For me, getting a Nokia phone back then reflected my commitment to being there for my family. As a young new mom back then, my Nokia helped me juggle work and family life. I was happy with how my first Nokia phone served as a handy tool that when I upgraded some years later I stayed with the Nokia brand. I’ve kept both phones.”

The legacy continues

Apart from the classic ring tone, long battery life, and resilient frame and body, Nokia has always been more than just a mobile experience. It is about the moments shared and memories created, indeed a fulfilled promise of connecting people.

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