S5 or 5S? Is it time to ditch the “fruit” and switch to the Samsung side?

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by: Ed Uy
It has become the topic of geek debates for years, much like the argument between the Beatles vs the Rolling Stones or the ever divisive Nora vs Vilma arguments—which is better? Android or iOS or more specifically Samsung vs Apple.

Change is never a bad thing, and while it isn’t impossible to get the best of everything by getting both phones, it all comes down to a matter of timing especially if the lock-in period of your postpaid plan is about to expire.

Barely a month after its release, several tech websites are already calling the Samsung Galaxy S5 as the best phone of the year, while comparing the iPhone 5S to an Android device from 2012. The comparison may be a bit harsh, but not without merit as the Galaxy S5 further improves on almost every aspect of its predecessor’s strengths while introducing several new interesting features

Here are five reasons to go Droid and get the Galaxy S5:
1. Bigger and brighter screen:
Size matters especially when talking about phone displays, and the iPhone 5s’ 4-inch, 1136 x 640-pixel can’t hold a candle to the Galaxy S5’s 5.1-inch, 1920 x 1080p super AMOLED panel.
Instead of increasing the resolution or screen size, Samsung focused more on improving the viewing angles, power efficiency, color accuracy as well as the display brightness.
The S5’s larger screen delivers a better movie-viewing experience, makes webpages/ebooks easier to read and has more room for a bigger virtual keyboard for more accurate tying.
The S5 also boasts of a new technology that adjusts brightness, contrast ratio and color gamut, providing the best view even in direct sunlight!Samsung Galaxy S5 Black
2. Better Camera
Granted that the iPhone 5s’ 8-megapixel camera is still one of the best, with its great color accuracy and sharpness, several experts observed that it only captures half the detail of the Galaxy S5’s 16-MP shooter.
But its not just about the megapixels,as the S5 now has real-time HDR (high-dynamic range), that utilizes various exposure levels for different parts of an image. The improved camera also lets you refocus your photos even after capturing them so you can highlight on the people/object in the background rather than those on the front. Now combine that with the previous “eraser mode” that removes photobombers and “best face” that allows you to pick the best smile for each person in a group photo and you have a photography experience that will be the envy of your friends.
If you love shooting videos, you’ll be happy to know that the S5 can shoot videos in 720P, 1080P and even 4K resolution. You’ll also have fun playing around with the “slow” and “fast” video recording option.

3. Amazing Battery Life
Admit it, you have a “dextrose” in your bag as the pathetic battery life of many smartphones have left us with no choice but to bring along one (or even more) PowerBanks. Battery life has always been one of the biggest concerns of users buying a new phone or tablet, and the Galaxy S5 doesn’t disappoint. The 2800 mAh battery of the S5 may be lower than the Galaxy Note 3 (3200 mAh) or the LG G2 (3000 mAh) but it certainly outperforms them all thanks to its new Ultra Power Saving (UPS) Mode.
Once fully charged, the Galaxy S5 can last for around 15 to 16 hours when used with a 3G connection and longer if you don’t always keep your internet connection on. And when it does run low on juice, the Ultra Power Saving Mode kicks on and changes to a greyscale theme. It will then turn off all non-essential processes such as push notifications to conserve more battery, keeping it running for an hour more even with just 5 percent battery left.Samsung Galaxy S5 (2)
4. Water and Dust Resistance
We all get a bit clumsy sometimes, but if you spill water on your iPhone or (God Forbid!) drop it in the toilet, its bye bye phone, whereas the S5 will give you 29 minutes more to panic and blame anyone in the immediate vicinity for getting your phone wet.
The S5 has an Ingress Protection rating of 67 (IP67), which means it can survive up to 30 minutes when submerged in 1 meter or about 3 feet of water, so you can actually bring it swimming just as long as you stay in the children’s pool.
While I don’t see any reason to, you can even use the S5 in the shower or when trying to reenact one of those rain drenched scenes from your favourite romantic movie.
5. Faster internet connections with Download booster
The Galaxy S5 offers a new technology in connectivity utilizing LTE and Wi-Fi to ensure blazing fast data speeds for unrivaled media consumption and productivity. With its MIMO (multi-input, multi-output) technology, downloading data allows for both LTE and Wi-Fi to work simultaneously to speed up data transfers. Plus, the Galaxy S5 supports a number of LTE frequencies with LTE Category 4 standard. No matter where you may be, the S5 will make sure you get the fastest connection available in the area.

I mentioned earlier that I was just going to name five reasons, but if you’re still not convinced here are several more things to consider.
Improved S Health/Heart Monitor: Fit is definitely in and the Galaxy S5, solo or paired with the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 or Galaxy Gear Fit can help you live a more active lifestyle. The enhanced S Health 3.0, provides a pretty extensive personal fitness tracker, and tools such as a pedometer, diet and exercise records, and a new built-in heart rate monitor. Under the primary camera is a sensor, and all you have to do is put your finger on top of the sensor to check your heart beat.
Kids Mode/Security: What is worse than lending your phone to a nosy officemate in dire need to send a text message? A kid who will cry his guts out unless you let him play with your phone.
With Kids Mode you can choose the applications kids can access while displaying colourful and cartoonish theme to keep them occupied. There is even an animated crocodile they can dress up in various attires when they grow tired of singing “Let it Go” while watching Frozen.
Samsung’s KNOX app, meanwhile, places business data and apps into a separate environment. So you don’t have to worry about some people browsing through your personal stuff as it creates a “guest” account with very limited access to your phone’s data.

Best User Interface: Besides running on the latest version of Android 4.4.2, KitKat, Samsung has also modified TouchWiz, its proprietary user interface (UI). The icons look better overall and the colors are more toned down and works more smoothly and without lag many complained about the old UI.

Live the Galaxy Life: Together with the launch of the S5 Samsung Electronics Philippines also introduced a mobile app called Galaxy Life, a loyalty program meant for Samsung Galaxy users. It brings together a variety of exclusive rewards and privileges from popular local retail and online stores. It allows users to discover the latest rewards and exclusive offers that will delight and surprise them. The app creates a preference-based online community where they receive notifications about offers and deals in various lifestyle categories. Galaxy Life acts as a passport to today’s different consumer passion points – be it for food, fashion, health and fitness or entertainment.

Samsung Galaxy S5 (1)

Premium offers: Since it is one of the most anticipated phones of the year, both Smart and Globe are offering several exclusive plans when you get the Galaxy S5.
Smart subscribers can get the S5 for free with the Smart Postpaid’s UnliSurf Plan 2000, which already comes with unlimited mobile LTE surfing, 150 minutes of calls and 200 of texts to all networks under a 30-month contract. The Galaxy S5 will also be available for only P1,799 a month under UnliSurf Plan 999, with P800 monthly handset cash-out for 24 months. This plan comes with unlimited surfing for one month plus calls and texts.

We’ve already said that Smart’s reliable LTE network is the perfect match for the Samsung Galaxy S5, but we’re throwing in additional exclusive perks so our subscribers can best enjoy this new flagship device with the leader in mobile,” said Kathryn Carag, Postpaid Marketing Head at Smart.
“We’ve found that users prefer to enjoy their Samsung smartphones with Smart’s robust LTE network, as reflected by the sales volumes of previous devices such as the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note 3, the demand for which almost tripled last year compared with their respective predecessors,” Carag explained.
Globe meanwhile has launched the Galaxy Forever Plan, which allows postpaid customers to avail of the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone after just a year by first choosing their Galaxy Forever Plan of choice. Three plans are available for subscribers to choose from: Plan 1599 with a cash-out of P16,800; Plan 1999 with a cash-out of P14,800, and Plan 2499 with a cash-out of P12,800.
After the 12-month contract period has ended, subscribers can re-contract their existing Galaxy Forever Plan or upgrade to a higher plan, renewing the contract period for another 12 months and making them eligible to get the newer Galaxy model. Upon renewal of contract, subscribers have the option to pay the corresponding cash-out if they decide to keep their Samsung Galaxy S5 model or trade it in for lesser cash-out.
“Our thrust in Globe is all about empowering our customers to create and customize their choice of service based on their needs, budget, and lifestyle. On the heels of our most competitive mySUPERPLAN offers for the Samsung Galaxy S5 is another breakthrough innovation for postpaid, the Galaxy Forever Plan perfect for Samsung Galaxy fans and users who want to get the latest Galaxy smartphone every year without any hassle,” said Raul Macatangay, Vice President for Postpaid Business and Devices at Globe.

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