Petal Ads showcases cutting-edge mobile advertising platform at DIGIMAX Summit

Petal Ads, a pioneering force in mobile advertising, showcased its innovative solutions at the IMMAP DigiCon 2023: DIGIMAX Summit, a premier event for the Philippines’ digital marketing sector. Hosted in the esteemed Marriot Grand Ballroom, Pasay City, from October 18-20, this summit stands as a pivotal arena for industry leaders and marketing professionals.

Specializing in delivering cutting-edge mobile ad services, Petal Ads has positioned itself as a one-stop hub for advertisers aiming to tap into the expansive network of HUAWEI device users. Their suite of tools and features is designed to ensure that businesses can effectively and efficiently target and engage with their desired demographics.

Embracing the theme “Connecting the Global Community Through Mobile Ads – Bridging Borders with Petal Ads” at the IMMAP DigiCon 2023, Petal Ads underlined its commitment to enhancing global connectivity. The brand’s participation focused on four main pillars of connectivity, reinforcing its vision to transcend geographical boundaries and drive international collaboration via the power of mobile advertising.

By aligning with the event’s innovative spirit, Petal Ads continues to redefine the parameters of mobile advertising, offering brands the leverage to maximize their reach and impact among HUAWEI users worldwide.

The first area of connectivity is “Connecting the Devices” through cross-device linking. Petal Ads allows seamless integration across various devices, from phones to tablets, explorers to desktop assistants, and small screens to TV screens.

The second area of connectivity is “Connecting the Ads.” Petal Ads offers a diverse range of advertising formats, including splash screen ads, push messages, app promotions, and video ads. This enables businesses to engage their audience with captivating and interactive content.

The third area of connectivity is “Connecting the Partners.” Petal Ads believes in the power of collaboration and aims to bring together partners from different industries. By leveraging the expertise and advantages of various industries, Petal Ads creates a larger force that can deliver exceptional results for its clients and helping hit its key KPIs and goals.

Migs Berbano, Head of Petal Ads Philippines, and Cocoh Lacerna, Ad Operations Lead, help address the audience during a Breakout Branded Segment of the event’s Day 1 festivities.

The fourth area of connectivity is “Connecting the Border.” Petal Ads aims to connect and channel resources, industries, and audiences from different countries to create a larger cross-border platform. This initiative opens up new business opportunities and enables businesses to expand their reach globally.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the IMMAP DigiCon 2023: DIGIMAX event and showcase our innovative mobile advertising solutions,” says Ken Liang, IMMAP Plenary speaker and currently the Director of Device Ecosystem and Operations. He is also one of the key leads for Petal Ads as a HUAWEI platfom in the Philippines and the APAC region. “With Petal Ads, businesses can bridge borders and connect with their audience in a meaningful way. We look forward to demonstrating how our platform can drive engagement, increase brand visibility, and generate results for our clients.”

One of the key highlights for Petal Ads was providing an interactive booth where participants could sign up for a free Petal Ads account and self-serve ads, and help further discuss client marketing needs. The booth introduced the best features of the platform and the market potential for its advertisers.

“Petal Ads offers key solutions to our clients through precision targeting across highly-engaged HUAWEI users on a local and regional scale with over 730 million monthly active users globally,” says Migs Berbano, Head of Petal Ads for the Philippines. “In China alone, we have over 550 million active users already, and we intend to leverage on this massive market and bring our local and regional partners beyond the borders especially for those in the travel industry. As the borders open up and we expect more than 1.5 million Chinese visitors yearly very soon, we can definitely work with partners to create joint marketing campaigns to help their brands reach out to this massive audience.

“What separates us from most platforms is our regional reach not just on the app-level but more importantly utilizing our device-level data to help send relevant brand messages from our partners,” he adds. “We encourage those who are trying to refresh their marketing mix and experimenting with new platforms to go beyond the confines of their usual ad strategies.”

The event also highlighted the key rebranding of IMMAP into now officially, DMAP (Digital Marketing Association of the Philippines). Founded in 2007, the prestigious organization is home to numerous companies and individual members from the digital marketing industry.

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