Yorme Approved Pizza! and other new business concepts from MIGUELITOS

Miguelitos Intl. Corp launches Hard Ice Cream and new franchises Pizza Manila and Sweet Batter

Everyone knows Miguelitos soft served ice cream, it has somehow become a rite of passage for kids who want a different kind of ice cream from the tubs you can buy at the supermarket–and who could forget their first taste of Miguelitos “fried ice cream?”

But like me, I know most people only know Miguelitos for their sweet cold treats, so imagine my surprise when it turned out the Miguelitos Intl. Corp is actually a franchisee’s paradise with all the business opportunities they provide.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a virtual meetup by a good friend who reintroduced the Miguelito’s brand as well as some new concepts they came up with.

Miguelitos International Corporation, is a company with 19 years in the Ice Cream and Franchising business which we all know started as a retailer of soft-served ice cream premixes and ice cream machines.

Over the past years Miguelitos International Corporation went through significant changes over and from retailing, they’ve now become one of the most promising food manufacturing and franchising companies in the Philippines offering a wide variety of safe and high-quality food service products to the market.

Today, Miguelitos has over 600 franchises and institutional partners nationwide!

The company has also became a one-stop shop for their franchisees offering premixes, supplies and machines for soft-served and fried ice cream, beverages, baking products and many more. Miguelitos ensures that all clients are supported in meeting their business needs through continuous research and innovation.

Among the Miguelitos International Corporation food concepts include the Miguelitos Ice Cream, Miguelitos Fried Ice Cream, Miguelitos Hyped Mangoes, Miguelitos Avocado Locco, Miguelitos Burger and Ice Cream, Miguelitos Diner, Kachigaru Japanese Food Kiosk, Mini Donuts Factory, Vanilla Ice Pearls, Scrapes Stir-Frost Deli, Jian Kang Noodles and Churros City, Cha’a Milk Tea and Ice Cream. All of which are available for franchising. So whatever food business concept you might have in mind they probably have it just waiting to be set up.

Miguelitos International Corporation is also behind several other businesses and hotels such as Migas LPG, Alta Vista Boracay Resort, Casa De Manila Resort Tagaytay, Studio M by Micah Ela Salon at Vista Mall Taguig, Micah Ela Salon and Spa at Gate 3 Taguig.


Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, all the businesses were affected from small scale to large scale companies. Instead of downsizing like most other businesses did, Miguelitos International Corporation, came up with more new concepts to adapt to the new normal.

One of which is the Miguelitos Hard Ice Cream.

Because malls were closed during the lockdown and children are not yet allowed to go out, Miguelitos decided to come up with a Hard Ice Cream.

Our beloved Miguelito’s soft served Ice Cream was now offered into hard ice cream. Among the flavors that Miguelitos Hard Ice Cream offers are: Ube, Vanilla, Cookies and Cream, Double Dutch, Avocado, Mango, Nutella, Premium Choco, Hokkaido Milktea, Okinawa Milktea, and Matcha Green Tea. The products are available in 1 Liter and 2 Liters.


For pizza lovers who want to start their own business Miguelitos now offers Pizza Manila. It has an Itallian-Filipino taste that will surely be loved by many.

Pizza Manila offers a variety of flavors to choose from: Ham and Cheese, Bacon and Cheese, Cheesy Beef, Pepperoni, Vegetarian, Meat Lover, Beef and Mushroom and Hawaiian.

It’s box and packaging features the different tourist spots in Manila City.  And its got the nod of Yorme Isko Moreno himself!


The last business concept that will certainly be an easy favorite of donut and pastry lovers is  Sweet Batter.  They specialize in bread, cakes, pastries in all forms from New Cake Trends, All-Time Favorites Pastries. 

Sweet Batter is dedicated to providing the best-baked masterpiece with a high-end taste of baked goods at a much affordable price. Artisan Donuts, Seasonal Donuts, Cinnamon Rolls, Ensaymada, Signature Cakes, Cake Samplers are just some of the products available at Sweet Batter. 

Sweet Batter will also be launching its ENSAYMADA SERIES this coming February 22, 2021. There are four flavors to choose from Almonds and Kreme (Php 350.00, Mocha Choco Locca (Php 300.00), Ube Queso Royale) and Queso Bravo (Php 300.00). The Ensaymada Series comes in 6 pieces per box.

Miguelitos International Corporation also manufactures their own premix products. To know more about franchising and manufacturing you may visit their website at www.miguelitoscorp.com

To order products from Miguelitos Hard Ice Cream, Pizza Manila and Sweet Batter, like and share their social media accounts

Miguelitos Hard Ice Cream

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Pizza Manila

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Sweet Batter: 

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You may also order thru call or text at 0995-6372859. 

Payments are also accepted via Gcash QR Code

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