Huawei MatePad 11: Bringing the Filipino Creative Spirit to the Foreground

Art is one of the most enduring ways for people to connect to each other, even more so in the digital age. More people are discovering myriad ways to express themselves through tech-powered creative tools, inspiring others to explore their artistic side.

Such empowering stories drive much of what Huawei intends with its new MatePad 11 — a tablet PC that serves as a tool for creative freedom, a tech trait that modern Filipino artists highly appreciate.

Filipino culture through the lens of digital art

Huawei aims to establish an appreciation of classic Filipino characters among the digital youth by partnering with key artists to flex their creative chops with the MatePad 11. One of which is André Manguba, a self-taught Filipino artist best known for his hyper realistic illustrations. In his latest art piece, he transformed Pia Wurtzbach as the modern Maria Clara, depicting her as a modern Filipina who is determined and courageous, yet maintains a caring and loving heart. With the dazzling 10.9” FullView Display as his canvas, Manguba sketched, painted, and illustrated their unique-yet-familiar take on Filipino culture’s signature flavor. 

Whether it’s recognizable landscapes, everyday scenery, thoughtful portraits or just plain nostalgia, each artist captured the essence of what being Filipino means beyond the realm of verbal communication. What they created with the MatePad 11 and M-Pencil 2nd Generation combo presents an honest and refreshing visual embodiment of the characteristic Filipino way of life.

Huawei M-Pencil: artistic inspiration in action

The 2nd generation Huawei M-Pencil is a stylus/paintbrush/charcoal stick that lends the art depicted on the MatePad 11 such depth. It’s a versatile tool with a variety of modes and features tailored to creative expression, especially with respect to precision and intuitiveness. With latency as low as 2ms and 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity, users can implement the visual texture and feel of their art as inspiration dictates.

Expanding creative avenues in the AppGallery

The HUAWEI MatePad 11 comes pre-installed with the Huawei AppGallery, Huawei’s official app marketplace that offers a great amount of quality apps to users. The AppGallery provides cross-platform apps that make the most out of all Huawei products, from PC to tablets and smartphones, delivering an all-scenario experience that is exclusive to Huawei device users.

It’s easy to find apps that serve every artistic need for the MatePad 11 because the Huawei AppGallery is home to a host of creativity apps that take full advantage of the device’s strengths.

Concepts, for example, offers a flexible toolkit for artists and designers with a particular eye for minuscule detail. Paper types, pressure-sensitive brushes, vector-based sketching, and high-res exporting options are just a small sample of what the app can do for any creative project.

Ibis Paint X, on the other hand, is another highly-rated drawing and painting app with more focus on comic book-style art. It’s a professional-level tool utilizing OpenGL technology that has thousands of brush types and various brush parameters to cater to any art style, among other features like screentone variations and layer manipulation, etc.

The Huawei MatePad 11 has no shortage of options in letting Filipino creativity loose — from the M-Pencil to AppGallery selections, artists of any style or discipline can always find reasons to create, and inspire.

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