The other side of Helen Gamboa in Helen’s Kitchen

Before there was a Sharon Cuneta, Regine Velasquez or a Sarah Geronimo there was one one other star who made a career both in singing and acting–Ms. Helen Gamboa.

While most of us may know her as the wife of Sen Tito Sotto, and one of the most respected actresses in the industry Helen, actually started out as a beauty queen and was a runner-up at the Miss Press Photography of the Philippines. She was also called called the Dancing Queen of  film and TV musical shows even before ABBA’s popular song of the same title.  She was even one  of Vicor Records prized singers.

In 2001-2003 she made a brief comeback on the ABS-CBN Primetime TV Series Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan and reintroducing herself to a new generation it the hit series Tayong Dalawa.

Now Helen returns to TV to showcase a different side of her and introduce viewers to her lifelong passion–cooking.

Known by her friends as the ultimate Queen of the Kitchen, every recipe she dishes out for her family and friends are thought of and cared for. This is how she shows her love. And this caring for food, family and friends is what viewers will get to see as we take a peek and get a special taste of life…FROM HELEN’S KITCHEN.

In this special TV series airing on Colours on CignalTV starting July 1, Saturday 8pm, viewers will now get a chance to see Tita Helen create dishes that will go beyond the average comfort food.

She will share recipes passed on from generations of her family, plus those that she herself has concocted that have been tried and tested by her loved ones.

The series was filmed in the very kitchen that Tita Helen herself designed for her own home. In every episode, she will share her kitchen know-how with celebrity guests who actually jumped at the chance to be with Tita Helen and taste her cooking once more among them, Maricel Soriano, Carmina Villaroel, Eric Quizon, Pops Fernandez, Albert Martinez, Raymart Santiago, Ruby Rodriguez, Gladys Reyes, Donita Rose, Pauleen Luna-Sotto and Pops Fernandez.

In the course of cooking, Tita Helen will help us get to know fun little bits of trivia about her guests in her candid conversations.

At the end of the show, Tita Helen prepares her signature “pabaon”. This is a unique Filipino tradition where the host of the party always gives the guest a specialty dish to bring home. Tita Helen takes this very seriously, preparing the packaging meticulously so that nothing spills and the freshness of the dish is well-preserved.

This will truly be a cooking show with a very sincere and genuine charm delicious dishes with a heart, from a woman who has perfected the art of showing her love through food….

FROM HELEN’S KlTCHEN premieres July 1, Saturday, 8pm on COLOURS exclusively on Cignal TV, but according to Perci Intalan, they are also in talks with TV5 to air the show on free TV.


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