From TikTok to the stage–Beyond Zero debuts in digital concert

Beyond Zero, the newest all-male group composed of TikTok superstars — Andrei, Duke, Jester, Jieven, Khel, Matty, and Wayne, showed a lot of promise as they held their very first digital concert.

With a combined 1.4-billion TikTok views, Beyond Zero clearly had an established fanbase which is why the House of Mentorque and Mentorque Productions took the gamble to manage and turn them into a cohesive group. The two-month rigorous training in dancing, singing, and personality development paid off but there was still clearly a lot more room for further improvement.

Beyond Zero: The Reboot Digital Debut Concert was seen live on last Friday, December 3 and director GB Sampedro played to the strengths of each individual members, giving each one their moment to shine.

Thus, from doing TikTok from the comforts of their homes, the boys faced the the pressure of performing on a grand stage for the first time. In this case, the stage was the biggest indoor beach club in the country, Cove Manila in the luxurious Okada Manila.

The Beyond Zero boys shone bright as they performed their first ever single, “Reach the Top” written by the award-winning singer-songwriter, Quest.

There were also several celebrity guests such as the legendary Sexbomb Dancers, The Manoeuvres, Quest, JRoa, Glendale Aquias, and Jessy Mendiola-Manzano who performed with the boys.

Their dance numbers were made exceptional with the beat of the two leading DJs in the Philippines, Ace Ramos and Mars Miranda.

To pay homage to their TikTok roots, Beyond Zero made sure they were joined by fellow TikTokers Argie Roquero, Ericka Pineda, Andrea Pauline, Ralph Alfaro, Austin Ong, Franz Miaco, and JM Yrreverre in one special number which showcases viral TikTok dance challenges.

As they say you have to start somewhere, and the debut concert proved that the Beyond Zero boys have the talent and with a little more training they could very well be the next big thing in the entertainment industry.

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