Energy Drink gives students a Big Boost!

Stay sharp with Cobra Smart– Brainergy in a bottle for a sharper mind

Sweet summer has just been concluded, and as you start opening textbooks, you have a renewed responsibility – to excel in school. As Nelson Mandela says, education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world. So better make the most out of school, for the hard work that you do today, will enable you to reap a better future.

Cobra, the number 1 energy drink in the country, makes sure you come prepared to school equipped with instant Brainergy, enabling you to fulfill more tasks in day armed with a sharp mind. Cobra Smart is any student’s tool for mental alertness, mental focus, and improved memory. It contains world-class B vitamins with Ginkgo Biloba, and enhanced levels of Taurine and Inositol that improves mental alertness, focus, and memory performance to match your school’s academic requirements.

Promoting a well-rounded lifestyle, Cobra Smart encourages students to perform better in school as they keep their energetic social life active. From the classroom walls to the activities within the university grounds, and down to the gaming turf, you can rely on Cobra Smart to amp up your physical energy to attend to all these while you power up your mind.

A rejuvenating refreshment for a day packed with activities, turn to Cobra Smart’s delicious Dalandan-flavored drink to quench your thirst and aid your school performance. Get a hold of this Brainergy in a bottle for only P19 suggested retail price, now available nationwide in all leading convenience stores and supermarkets.

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