Colgate Launches its Breakthrough Technology in Cavity Protection

Despite continuing education on the importance of good oral care habits to prevent tooth decay, cavities still affect nearly 100% of adults worldwide.[1] In the Philippines, 9 out of 10 Filipinos suffer from cavities, regardless of age or socio-economic background[2].

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A new standard of care is now introduced that makes a cavity-free future possible by the latest breakthrough technology from Colgate, NEW Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection plus Sugar Acid Neutralizer toothpaste.[3] It is the first and only anti-cavity toothpaste that goes beyond the protection of fluoride that directly fights sugar acids in plaque – the #1 cause of cavities.[4]

A common misconception is that sugar is the main cause of cavities; however, any kind of food can be culprits – even healthy food such as fruits and vegetables – due to sugar acids. Sugar acids are created in the mouth when common oral bacteria feed on starchy food residue, causing the acid level in the mouth to rise and enabling sugar acids to attack, therefore weakening the teeth and causing cavities.[5]

A large part of the food in Filipinos’ daily diet contains starch like our everyday food staples such as rice, fruits, and even vegetables, which converts into acids that weaken the teeth and eventually cause cavities.[6] The latest breakthrough in cavity protection from Colgate fights cavities in two ways with the unique combination of Sugar Acid Neutralizer and Fluoride. Sugar Acid Neutralizer helps deactivate the sugar acids in plaque making it easier for Fluoride to strengthen and repair the teeth, thus preventing cavity formation.[7]
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Give your family a chance to be cavity-free with new Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection plus Sugar Acid Neutralizer.


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