Alex Medina: Rebel Cool


American footwear brand Pony is known for its rebel streak and fiercely unique character. Its name has become synonymous to freedom of expression, individuality, and living up to one’s potential. Its slogan, “Let’s get it on!” best embodies Pony’s brand image.

As the brand continues to grow, Pony’s roster of brand ambassadors does too; with character actor Alex Medina being the newest endorser.

Alex is part of the new generation of primetime style icons whose artistic chops earned him recognition in the world of indie films. He bagged his first Best Actor trophy for the movie “Palitan”, which coincidentally pays tribute to“Scorpio Nights” – a movie that actually starred his thespian-father Pen Medina.



His acting skills, described as fearless and with depth, paved the way for his entry into mainstream television. Alex worked alongside actresses Kim Chiu and Maja Salvador in ABS-CBN’s recently concluded primetime series “Ina, Kapatid, Anak” where he portrayed the revengeful character of Diego – the long-lost son of Cherry Pie Picache’s character.

The multi-talented 25-year-old actor is passionate about both music and acting. “Music is my first love, but I get more fulfillment in acting,” said Alex. “In acting kasi buong pagkatao mo required. It is not easy – masarap at masakit siya at the same time because you get into these characters, scenes, and emotions that you usually do not encounter in real life,” he shared.



Being one of the sons of a respected veteran actor is a challenge, according to Alex. Yet this does not faze him easily. His dad is very supportive of his career, and even coaches him through one-on-one acting workshops.

“As an actor, I am very serious about my craft. I see to it that I play my role based on what is required of me. As my dad would always say, di pwede kampante dahil maliit ang role, dapat lagi 100 percent at pag mas kinonte, gawing 150 percent. Besides, I need to learn from the tree,” said Alex. “Because the apple should not fall far from the tree, or should I say this time ‘the Pen is mightier than the sword.”

His steady realness, carefree attitude and free spirit best exemplify the ideals of a Pony ambassador. Donna Santos, marketing manager of Pony Philippines, believes that Alex represents the brand well.

“We think that he represents the brand – unpretentious, rock and roll, talented, and he is not afraid of letting others see the real him,” she said. “Pony is always on the lookout for upcoming stars, and we think that Alex has what it takes to be the next big star.”


Alex, meanwhile, is overjoyed to be part of Pony’s growing roster of celebrity ambassadors that include Jinri Park, Glaiza de Castro, Isabelle De Leon, and Carlo Aquino, among others.


“Pony complements my lifestyle well. I’m your usual jeans-and-shirt type of guy, and their sneakers are perfect for my everyday getup. Being named as an ambassador is a both a big break and blessing for me,” said Alex. “But more than that, I believe that Pony is perfect for me because the brand and I share the same attitude. I see to it that I always stay true to myself. In other words, what you see is what you get, just like Pony,” Alex concluded.

Pony is an American footwear and apparel brand founded in 1972 in New York. Since then, Pony emerged and became a top global athletic brand and a major sports lifestyle force serving World Cup champions, Super Bowl athletes, and NBA superstars. Pony is the brand that encompasses the world of sports and entertainment to reflect its image.

With its distinctive chevron logo and all-American attitude, Pony boasts of its original old-school authenticity. It is the anti-establishment to the traditional brands. Pony’s “cool” factor is real – neither glossed up nor imagined – that the brand can boldly re-launch old shoe styles and associate them with major sports and entertainment personalities.

Its rebel streak and fiercely unique character made Pony the brand known for espousing individuality, freedom of expression, and living up to one’s potential.

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