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ZION ON HIS REBIRTH “I want to be the voice of Hope”

In one of his recent YouTube Vlogs, Zion admitted that he’s been battling cancer – – for the third time.

But this time, the talented singer from Cornerstone Music believes he is truly unstoppable.

“Do not let anything stop you from doing the things that you love. I would always remember what my doctor told me,” Zion told his subscribers.

“Do not let cancer take your life away from you”, and I will not let it stop me from pursuing my passion for music.”

He is currently undergoing chemotheraphy and battling the perilous disease for the third time like a warrior.

Empowered with all his strength and faith, he continues to fight for his dreams and inspire us all. This is something that might touch the hearts of other artists who experience their own battles.

Zion is a living miracle proving no circumstances can stop you from achieving your dreams- that cancer is not the end. He aims to be an avenue to teach people to live their dreams and life to its greatest.

Recently, Zion gave a brand new sound of soul upon the release of his newest single Kailangan Kita last September under Star Music. Kailangan Kita is about the feeling of being abandoned and wanting a certain someone to come back.

“The reason why I went back to music is so I may be a voice of hope after battling cancer the first time around. Beat it. Beat it twice. And now it’s back. And I am fighting it again for the 3rd time around. I have always been open with this journey maybe to inspire, educate, or whatever good it may bring,” he explained.

And just like an answered prayer, Zion is invited to perform in ASAP Natin ‘To on Sunday, October 27, 2019. Also, because of the love and support from his management and friends, a mini concert for a cause is set to happen this November with special guests.

Indeed, this is the rebirth of a new and stronger Zion believing that this is not only a fight for cancer but also a fight for passion. With a positive mind, he looks forward to record more songs and collaborate with different OPM artists in the future.

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