Xpanse: Solving ECommerce Logistics problems

Starting your online business is an exciting experience. The feeling of accomplishment when someone buys your product encourages you to offer even more for your customers. In the beginning, the task is simple. You get a couple of orders, call a courier, deliver the package, then call it a day. 

However, as your brand starts to grow and develop, you will eventually receive between 10 or even 50 orders. Handling all of these isn’t easy. You have to make sure you contact a reliable courier and assure that every customer receives their package, one by one. Managing these makes little time for prioritizing other aspects of your business.

This is the problem xpanseCEO Josh Supan has managed to solve. In order to happily maintain an online shopping website, he conceptualized a system to do so.“I love retail and the economics of it all. There’s art in how retail makes money flow. When the modern version of retail (e-commerce) emerged in the Philippines, that was immediately the space I wanted to be in.” Supan explained. “I really just want to simplify the last mile experience for business owners” he added.

Supan’s business partner, David Marquez, took that idea and developed it into noah, whose name is inspired by the bible figure tasked with delivering the most important package. noah is an automated shipping platform integrated into your website which automatically manages your order up until last mile logistics. To simply put it, noahprocesses your orders, contacts the courier, and has it automatically delivered for you.

Don’t have a site? xpanse will build one for you and will integrate their core competence,noah, to make sure that running an online business is a breeze. 

For more information about xpanseand noah, visit xpanse.ph or follow @xpanseph on Facebook and Instagram. If you’re interested in becoming a website developer at xpanse, please send your resume to [email protected]

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