What does the Camera Club of the Philippines think of the P30 Pro?

It’s impossible not to be enamored by Manila, especially for a photographer; the city is just bursting with character, rich in history and culture, populated by people and sights that are products of a marriage between East and West. For photographers, Manila is a gigantic playground to let their craft loose.

So when Huawei Philippines offered the Camera Club of the Philippines (CCP) the opportunity to test out the shooting prowess of the Huawei P30 Series for their Manila photo walk, they happily obliged.

Established in 1928, the Camera Club of the Philippines is the oldest and most premier assembly of photography professionals and enthusiasts in the country. Given the Club’s storied background, partnering with a tech giant like Huawei for the first time ever to test the P30’s camera superiority was quite the momentous occasion. 

Armed with the ultra-versatile camera performance of the P30 Series, the Club went about exploring both Manila’s historic scenery and the possibilities put forth by Huawei’s advanced imaging tech – and they only had good things to say of the experience.

Jorge Buenaventura, current Vice President of the Club, said “We’re very excited to work with Huawei, because it allows us to work with new technologies”, in reference to the multi-lens approach and AI-powered image processing on the P30 Series.

Camera Club of the Philippines Member, Jamie Camagun

Jaime Cumagun, another Club member, expressed excitement at getting plenty of hands-on time with such a high-end product like the P30, saying “I’ll say it’s liberating to have such a small device with me, and the fact that I have those three lenses – ultra-wide, wide, and telephoto – it’s a different experience for such a small device.”

Camera Club of the Philippines Directors of the Club’s Board, Antonio Lilles

Antonio Lilles, one of the Directors of the Club’s Board, praised the device’s pro features, saying “The ISO will allow me now to shoot in darker settings… the wide-angle especially is a feature that we want as photographers.” As for Club member Evan Grabador, the standout feature is the Leica lens built into the device, saying “’Yung lens niya is gawa ng Leica – siya ‘yung best lens and best cameras ‘rin – ilalagay mo dito sa cellphone na ‘to so, sobrang makapangyarihan, kumbaga, nasa palm na ng hand mo.”

Sure enough, the Camera Club of the Philippines’ photo walk produced a truly impressive gallery of Manila’s iconic environments, architecture, and scenery – all shot with the P30 and P30 Pro. After spending a quality day with the devices, the CCP members strongly believed that the P30 Series leads the smartphone camera pack. Coming from an organization who’s been about shooting pictures for 90 years now, it’s hard to doubt such a statement.

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