Travel in Style with the new Lock&Lock collection

Everyone knows that Lock&Lock is No.1 Global Brand in food storage solution but after last Saturday, we actually discovered that the brand actually has an entire collection with one particularly suited for travel.

As the temperature rises, summer just got hotter with the arrival of LOCK&LOCK FASHION: Travel in Style, presenting the newest ambassador, known in social media, a TV presenter, online influencer, lifestyle blogger and model that perfectly and amazingly fits the lifestyle of the Lock&Lock Global Brand, none other than JANEENA CHAN.

Having had an early head start with over two decades of media experience, JANEENA CHAN as she become the new Lock&Lock Ambassador for Travel in Style this April 27, 2019-Saturday at 5pm at East Atrium Shangri-La Mall, a go-to host and influencer for launches, corporate events, multi-media, and digital campaigns for leading local / global brands will now be joining the Lock&Lock family to introduce the Lock&Lock wide range of fave travel finds and accessories that will revolutionize the way you carry most of your belonging while travelling with fashion in style. 

Introducing one of the Lock&Lock brand, Travelzone, the range of travel accessories, consist of a series of luggage accessories and containers to store things while travelling. Right from phones to shoes, from suits to intimate wear, Travelzone provides solutions which are travel-friendly and innovative. These travel products from Travelzone by Lock&Lock will make your travel experience easier and better than ever. Here are the innovative products in the range of travel accessories of Travelzone by Lock&Lock. 

Lock&Lock Fashion: Travel in Style Press & Blog Conference showcased of the latest collections from the country’s most recognized brands, Lock&Lock that caters to your travel and summer needs this hot season by having a runway fashion show to be hosted by News Presenter, TV & Events Host, MS. CHRISTINE BERSOLA-BABAO revealing the Lock&Lock’s wide range of travel accessories and newest collection of Insulated Vacuum Tumblers.  

TRAVELZONE by LOCK&LOCK; The travel accessories that will change the way we carry your belongings from now on – #TheTravelzonebyLock&Lock #lock&lockfashion #lock&locktravelinstyle

LOCK&LOCK Insulated Vacuum and Stainless Steel Tumblers collection series will support your daily life, outdoor activities and mostly during travel, including mountain climbing, hiking, cycling, local or International escapes, your Travel Buddy will definitely freshen up your day whenever, wherever with your NO. #1 STAINLESS STEEL TUMBLER in the Philippines, Lock&Lock!

LOCK&LOCK Insulated Vacuum and Stainless Steel Tumblers can keep your favorite drinks hot for at least (6) six hours, and cold for at least (12) twelve hours. Whether you want to drink tea, coffee, or fresh juice – use LOCK&LOCK Insulated Vacuum and Stainless Steel Tumblers to make sure you can enjoy your favorite drink for longer! With its major features:

Has a double insulation wall & patented triple layer insulation cap that retains the temperature inside the tumbler

Here are the latest collections of LOCK&LOCK Insulated Vacuum and Stainless Steel Tumblers: 

Wherever you go, you would need hot or cool beverages, to grab-and-go! 

New! Riga Insulated Vacuum Tumbler, this collection is consists of 6 different colors representing different cities and New Black Wave Tumbler Collection with luxurious pearl black body.

To date, the Lock&Lock brand launches over 700 different products. This means that two products are being developed every day! The brand has also created a strong presence in over 110 countries, letting more and more people experiencing the Lock&Lock brand. Lock&Lock brand is very committed to promoting the welfare of its customers which is why it upholds very stringent safety standards when it comes to its products. Lock&Lock uses environment-friendly materials that will not harm the health of the customers and the environment.

Lock&Lock has been recognized globally as a brand that consistently delivers superior quality products. Lock&Lock has gained ISO 9001 and 14001 accreditations indicating that the brand has met the highest quality manufacturing and environmental systems and procedures.

Explore the latest trends at Lock&Lock Philippines Flagship Stores and impress everyone with the amazing range of products and travel accessories that Lock&Lock showcases. Enjoy your summer season with your new travel buddy, LOCK&LOCK Insulated Vacuum and Stainless Steel Tumblers and Travelzone by LOCK&LOCK by enjoying the security and pleasure of storage while you make that exotic trip. #locknlockfashion #locknlocktravelinstyle #lock&locktravelfinds #lock&locktravelinstylepresscon #lock&locktravelinstyleblogcon

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