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  • Starbucks goes greener on Earth Day

    To encourage reusability on Earth Day and to inspire its customers to make more sustainable choices all year long, Starbucks will launch reusable hot and cold cups in the Philippines. Reducing its environmental footprint and positively impacting the communities it serves has always been important to Starbucks. Starting April 22, the reusable cups and straws […]

  • Experience Cherry Blossom at Starbucks

    In Japan, the blooming of cherry blossoms is one of the most anticipated times of the year as it marks the coming of Spring – a time of new beginnings. The breath-taking sight of cherry trees tinted with the pale pink haze symbolizes beauty, life, and renewal. This year, Starbucks also embraces the changing of […]

  • Starbucks and HOUSE Foundation partnership fosters bigger dreamers

      Beyond each cup, Starbucks serves a purpose far bigger than coffee. For years, the global coffee brand has grown and set itself apart because of its simple but powerful mission: To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time. Inside its stores, Starbucks has cultivated […]

  • Starbucks releases celestial siren themed anniversary collection

    Ever since Starbucks opened its doors in 1971, the Siren has been the brand’s enduring logo that invites customers inside its stores across the world. Today, even as the smiling Starbucks barista hands over your handcrafted beverage, you see the iconic image at the center of the cup, a symbol that promises not just great […]

  • Exciting flavors are brewing at Starbucks in 2018!

    Exciting flavors are brewing at Starbucks in 2018 As we welcome 2018, festivities continue on at Starbucks. The coffee brand hypes up the celebration for its 20th anniversary, with decadent servings of flavor and a variety of exciting on the menu. Starbucks is complementing its signature Espresso Roast with sophisticated flavors like salted caramel and […]

  • Starbucks pays tribute to Filipino craftsmanship on its 20th Anniversary

    The Philippines’ traditional woven design makes an unexpected debut in Starbucks 20th Anniversary collection. In celebration of two decades in the country, the coffee brand honors the market that has warmly welcomed its coffee servings, with merchandise that pays tribute to Filipino craftsmanship. On December 1, Starbucks will release a special collection inspired by local […]


    THIS JULY Starbucks serves up a new line of  delectable and filling meals to complement  your favorite handcrafted beverages. With hearty tuna flakes, mozzarella cheese and sliced hard-boiled eggs served on whole wheat bread, Tuna Dill on Whole Wheat Bread, is the perfect option for a quick lunch or snack. For a savory take on […]

  • Starbucks launches new designs for Starbucks cards

    Starbucks launches three new designs for its Starbucks Cards. The three cards are the Chill Mini Card, Iced Coffee Card, and the Father’s Day Card. The Chill Mini Card and the Father’s Day Card are available for a minimum activation fee of ₱500. The Father’s Day Card also comes with a free greeting card making it […]

  • Welcome the summer heat with Starbucks

      Summer here is one of the most exciting seasons for Filipinos. It is a time for fun vacations in some of the most wonderful destinations in the country. From globally-renowned tropical getaways like Boracay and Palawan to cold destinations like Baguio or Banaue, summer is a season to bond with friends and family. To […]

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