Super Minimart: Netizens praise Alfamart and staff for staying open despite #ECQ

The other day, while my partner and I were checking out our remaining supplies, we talked about what shops, stores and restaurants we wished were nearer our place.

Now, we live just a few houses away from Mindanao Ave. and we are just 5 to 10 minute drive away from a Jollibee/McDo/Dunkin/PizzaHut etc… and even a SM Hypermarket, but as anyone who passes through Mindanao Avenue between 10am till 9pm know that traffic here is even worse than C5 or EDSA (because this is where all the big trucks pass by every day)

So we were talking about our wishlist for stores/shops that would just be a short walking distance so we didn’t have to drive 15 minutes just to make a U-turn or walk 5 mins to reach the nearest footbridge and just cross the street.

I wanted a salon or maybe a resto that would serve short orders or maybe even one of those mobile burger stores. Lou of of course wanted nothing else but a Milktea Place.

But after seeing several posts on my feed, I’m pretty convinced that the one thing I wished we’d have near is an ALFAMART!

Here’s why:




Fresh Chicken, frozen bangus? Kikiam Fishballs?!? Kaya pala they call ALFAMART a “Super MiniMart Chain,” because unlike other convenience stores, they have a wider selection of grocery items.

I would also like to think that they are more reasonably priced judging by this post that computed just how much these relief items cost.

And it seems they are still open during these ECQ times, well-stocked and with even better service

Again its stories like these that restore my faith in humanity. Like I’ve said in other posts we are living in difficult times and we need to be thankful not just to our health workers and medical frontliners, but also to the other people who continue report for work, like the security guards, and the grocery staff who put their health and safety at risk.

Besides the store staff, let’s not also forget distribution center personnel and truck drivers that keep the supply chain going, ensuring that all these minimarts are well-stocked.

These other “frontliners” give us a sense of “normalcy” during these trying times.

-“Alfamart will save us at this point in time,” tweeted Kristine Mae B.,

Its also nice to hear that Alfamart is taking care of its employees and that they still get paid even if they are not able to report to work.

While other areas also have free shuttle service for the employees.

A netizen snapped this photo of the shuttle van parked outside the employee entrance waiting to pick up passengers.

In this time of crisis, anyone who is still reporting to work, whether it be medical or any other service, deserves support from everyone.

So the next time you do your grocery run, don’t forget to thank the ones that serve to meet our day-to-day needs despite the looming threat of disease. Let us make sure that all our front liners know that their service is greatly appreciated.

And to Alfamart, maybe you can put up a store near us after all of this is over?

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