Suits Season 8 premieres on Jack TV

The latest season of Suits returns with  a new lawyer in tow. Grey’s Anatomy actress Katherine Heigl will be joining the main cast as Samantha Wheeler in Season 8.

One thing is for sure—Samantha’s wit, charm, loyalty, strength, and vulnerability will all be put to the test as she muscles her way into the firm currently known as Specter Litt.

A first look photo of Samantha in Harvey’s office has been released and showed the character facing up to the no-nonsense lawyer. Heigl tells in an interview: “She’s kind of having fun messing with everybody. They’re just not having as much fun – yet.” The actress also spoke of her character’s hostility as she made an entrance into the show.

Season 8 is all set for change with the departures of Mike and Rachel, which will change the cast dynamic significantly. “Season 8 will have everything from shifting alliances and internal power plays, to secrets, betrayals and fiery relationships,” says Suits series creator Aaron Korsh.

Bluff is the name of the game in the latest season of the most compelling legal drama only on Jack TV.

Suits Season 8 premieres on July 19, via satellite at 1 PM with primetime telecast at 7 PM.

For more details, check out Jack TV on, on Facebook via, on Twitter via @jackTV, and on Instagram via @jacktvnetwork. Jack TV is seen on Cablelink Ch. 36, Cignal Ch. 126, and EasyTV Ch. 2.

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