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SOUND NEVER LOOKED THIS GOOD: LD Systems unveil the Porsche-designed Maui P900

I’m obsessed with speakers.

Besides collecting Transformers and action figures (currently Marvel Legends), I also have accumulated a fairly decent number of bluetooth speakers, a few soundbars, headphones and earphones. My goal (or dream) is to own at least one device from every brand. But in no way do I consider myself an audio expert. I just love listening to music with the volume turned way up (to feel the bass), and watch movies with a cinematic audio experience. 

That’s why I was quite excited to check out the Musik Manila Expo a few weeks ago. Considered as the biggest gathering of professional Audio, Video, Lighting and Staging brands in the country, it was a chance for me to take a look at what audio equipment the real pros are using for concerts and live events. Although there were only a handful of consumer products on display, it was the only way to enjoy the best possible sound experience in one venue. 

They even had an outdoor stage setup outside the World Trade Center, and although there weren’t any performers, it seemed like there was a live concert going on whenever they fired up a demo of the sound systems.

Of all the exhibits, I spent most of my time at the Audio-Video Solutions Corporation (AVSC) booth. It was the very first one you’d see as soon as you step inside the hall and when I got there, they had this Grand Videoke Perfect Pitch Battle for Kids competition. I’m actually planning on getting a legit videoke system this Christmas and they have this Symphony SE Pro Plus model that even has a voice coach feature.

Don’t worry, I have no plans of joining any of those singing contests, I just love murdering songs in the privacy of my bedroom. 

I was about to leave after they announced the winners, when I saw James Deakin. He was one of the guests of AVSC and he told me that they were going to reveal a Porsche-designed speaker from LD Systems. 

Audio Video Solutions Corporation (AVSC) officials including its acting president (4th from left), Cris Llamo and Chairwoman (3rd from right), Linda Sanchez pose with LD Systems “True Boss” ambassador James Deakin (center) at Musik Manila 2019 held at World Trade Center in Pasay City.

AVSC is one of the major players in consumer electronics and pro audio – carrying well-known brands such as Grand Videoke, WOW! Fiesta, JBL and LD Systems. LD Systems has been a prominent name in the pro audio industry and is part of the Adam Hall Group in Germany which has products ranging from speakers, power amps, moving lights, cables, stands and many more – with more than 40 years of experience in the pro audio realm. 

When James went to the stage to share his experience and take of the drapes covering the column speakers, I was in awe. The P900 was gorgeous and when they turned it on for a demo, the entire hall seemed muted as it engulfed the sounds blaring from the other speakers from the other booths. 

To sample power of the Maui P900, we were treated to live performances from solo techno violinist, singer, and member of pop-rock-all-girl-band, ROUGE, Princess Ybanez and South Border’s frontman Jay Durias.


The speaker they were launching was the MAUI P900 from LD Systems. I did a quick search and found out that it was created in collaboration with the design agency Studio F. A. Porsche. The MAUI P900 has already won numerous awards, including the German Design Award, the IF Award and the Red Dot Award 2018 for raising the bar for the pro audio industry.

With aesthetics as sharp as its sound, the iconic column speaker system is a combination of form and function that packs professional features into a sleek and stylish aluminum enclosure. It has a total of 50 neodymium loudspeakers and a 1,400-watt RMS class-D power amplifier, the innovative column system delivers monumental clarity even at high volumes.

The MAUI P900 is likewise equipped with LD Systems’ patented WaveAhead tweeter arrangement ensures outstanding audio performance with uniform dispersion, by combining the mid and high frequency signals in a perfectly aligned sound wave. 

In addition, aptX and AAC coding provide high-resolution Bluetooth streaming with full audio bandwidth and a range of 70 meters. The three-section MAUI P900 column system is made of high-strength aluminum with a multi-layered elastic front cover. Specially developed multipin connectors facilitate cable-free assembly in a matter of seconds. 

I asked Roberto Balderas, AVSC’s Product Manager why they decided to bring the Maui P900 to the country and he said it was because of the Filipinos love for music. “We (Filipinos) have developed a superior taste when it comes to sound, and the Maui P900 is the perfect choice for live events, hotels, high end venues and for prosumers who demand exceptional sound quality and excellent aesthetics.

Its stylish appearance and outstanding clarity also make the Maui P900 a high-end home theatre system which is both an optical and aural delight. It is available in Cocoon white, Platinum Grey or Graphite Black which makes it easily integrate into any setting.

“With the MAUI P900, LD Systems has an iconic column speaker that is about to change the game with its distinctive design, first-class components and excellent sound,” Balderas noted.

If you want to experience the LD Systems Maui P900 for yourself  you can visit AVSC’s Showroom located at 1081 EDSA Balintawak, Quezon City. 

“With the MAUI P900, LD Systems has an iconic column speaker that is about to change the game with its distinctive design, first-class components and excellent sound,” Balderas noted.

To sample the LD Systems Maui P900, simply visit AVSC’s Showroom at 1081 EDSA Balintawak, Quezon City. You may also call their hotline at (02) 724-5766 loc. 860 or 203. For more information visit

Audio-Video Solutions Corporation (AVSC) with its product manager Roberto Balderas presented several new products from its various brands at the recently held Musik Manila 2019 held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.  

Inspired by a passion to bring joy and togetherness to any occasion, Audio-Video Solutions Corporation (AVSC) offers world-class home entertainment products such as: Grand Videoke, WOW! Fiesta, LD Systems Speakers and JBL Speakers.

As an industry leader, AVSC has forged strong partnerships with top retailers and is present at more than 500 stores nationwide. Its products are also sold internationally in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

This story also appears on the September 14, 2019
issue of The Business Mirror

LD Systems is a registered brand of the Adam Hall Group with headquarters near Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Established more than 35 years ago, the brand has built a solid reputation for quality products, outstanding customer service and being a dependable partner in the pro audio, events and MI industries. In the Philippines, LD Systems is exclusively distributed by Audio Video Solutions Corporation. 

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