Towers have fallen, and new heroes have risen as the SMM Philippines CyberSlam! 2014 Gaming Event comes to an epic end at the SM City North EDSA, last May 25th 2014.

Dr. Ricky Lim

“The Philippines is a rising tiger not only economically, but also on the side of eSports. Ultimately displaying its foothold as one of the future key players of the industry.” – Dr. Ricky Lim, President & CEO

The Two day Gaming Event kicked off via Dr. Ricky Lim’s opening statements, discussing the roots of SMM Philippines, its mission as a gaming centric company, together with the underlying role of the Philippines in the world of eSports in South East Asia. Games that saw action at the event are WC3: DoTA, DoTA2, StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, HearthStone, and Assault Fire.

CyberSlam Attendees

Of course, a gaming event and its games won’t be complete without the gamers themselves. Participating teams have clashed, swarmed, and caught themselves on a crossfire numerous times, but, it is undeniable that a winner will stand tall above the rest. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the gamers who participated, and ultimately, to the gamers and teams who stood above the rest, proving that they have what it takes to become the very first, CyberSlam! 2014 Gaming Event Champions.

 Champion: Team 2014 | Prize: PhP 20,000.00 + 5x Razer Vespula + 5x Steam Wallet worth 30.00 USD

 Second Place: Team Guardianz | Prize: PhP 10,000.00

DoTA2 MPGL Season VI-S:

 Champion: Gigabyte.Mineski | Prize: PhP 13,000.00 + 5x Razer Vespula

 Second Place: MSI-EvoGT.TRIC | Prize: Php 6,000.00

 Champion: Staz | Prize: PhP 5,000.00 + Razer Vespula  Second Place: Earl | Prize: PhP 2,500.00

Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm
 Champion: IPT.Enderr | Prize: PhP 5,000.00 + Razer Vespula
 Second place: MSI.EvoGT Dane | Prize: PhP 2,500.00

Assault Fire:
 Champion: TNC.Olongapo | Prize: PhP 5,000.00 + Razer Vespula  Second Place: Wargodz | Prize: PhP 3,000.00

In addition to the gaming events, our sponsors provided activities to the participants, fans, and gamers. That includes freebies, tons of giveaways, and promotional activities that everyone surely enjoyed.

SMM Gamers Web Portal

SMM values responsible gaming, and there’s no greater example than the 14 Year Old Tekken Tag Prodigy, Alexandre “AK” Laverez. The Philippines’ very own gaming prodigy has been granted an all- expense-paid sponsorship with his upcoming tournament debut at the SEA Majors happening this coming this June at Alienware’s Arena, Singapore.
Dr. Ricky Lim with Alexandre “AK” Laverez



Alongside the numerous activities that took place at the event, SMM Philippines is also proud to bring the SMMGamers: A web portal featuring gaming, and tech related articles. In addition, visitors of the said website will have full access to match schedules, VODs, and live ticker for Global Streaming. There will be more features to add in the near future so watch out for it. Check it out here:

TEASING THE CROWD: Before the event comes to its end, SMM Philippines hyped everyone that there will be a massive event due this end of the year. There are no disclosable information yet, but expect it to bring the community together once again in an epic proportion.

Overall, the event is a huge success. SMM Philippines wishes to thank everyone who witnessed the CyberSlam! 2014 Gaming Event, together with the sponsors who wholeheartedly supported SMM PH’s efforts to further uplift the eSports Industry in the Philippines. Sponsors

Sendi Mutiara Multimedia Philippines offers 360 degrees solution for iCafe businesses at a very affordable and flexible prices. We have started our vision to bring together all cybercafé owners back in Malaysia and now we are bringing it here in the Philippines. SMM Philippines is here not only to offer you products; but also build and support the growing cybercafé business, strengthen the local PC gaming industry; as well as to elevate the local eSports community.



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