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Six reasons why it’s time to use US Dehy

Dehydrated Potatoes, all the potato goodness you love

In a previous post you can read here, I shared the beginnings of my  potato love story.

Turns out a few of my friends are also quite fond of this super spud and we’ve since started exchanging potato recipes as well as some hacks on how to prepare them easier.

I told them I suck at the peeling part and have sliced my fingers numerous times… As for the mashing part, it’s hard for an amateur cook like me to get the right consistency.

It was only during one of our group chats that a friend asked me if I’ve tried dehydrated potatoes.

I thought it was a joke at first because the last thing I wanna do is mash dry chips or use one of those instant mixes. The term “dehydrated” also isn’t exactly the healthiest sounding word, right?

But as it turns out, there really are a lot of people using dehydrated potatoes, and it is in fact, one of the secrets used by many chefs.

So I did a quick google search to find out more about this and came across US Dehy.
According to their website the key is choosing the right dehydrated potatoes and when you buy U.S. high-quality dehydrated potatoes, you can be sure that you are getting real potatoes with just the water removed.

So it’s still the same potato goodness you love just in a different form!
Still unconvinced? Well here are are five things you should know about US Dehydrated Potatoes and why it’s a better alternative (especially if you’re just starting to learn how to cook!):
1. US Dehy are good quality potatoes: U.S. dehydrated potatoes are typically made from creamy white-fleshed Russet potatoes that undergo an advanced process to create premium dehydrated potato products. The processing facility in which U.S. potatoes become dehydrated products utilize state-of-the-art technology so that the rehydrated product retains the texture and flavor of fresh natural potatoes. All U.S. processing facilities also follow strict government requirements to guarantee product consistency, safety and quality.

2. US Dehy saves you time: Forget washing, peeling, and boiling potatoes. With U.S. dehydrated potatoes, you have a versatile ingredient at your fingertips with minimum preparation. This convenient ingredient is easy to store and ready for use any time of the day.

3. US Dehy is easier to store: Instead of a bulky sack, your kitchen space will be taken up by just a box. You can pull the product out and use the desired amount easily. It also has a long shelf life, so you can stock it for up to two years.

4. US Dehy means value for money: One kilo of US Dehy rehydrates to as much as five kilos, giving you a larger yield for less.
5. There are a lot of products to choose from: Potato dices, slices, shreds, flakes, granules and flour. Few products are as versatile as these hard-working ingredients which are used in restaurants, delicatessens, coffee shops, institutions, bakeries, and snack manufacturing all over the world.

6. US Dehy is versatile: Since you have a lot of products to choose from, there are a great number of uses for US Dehy. As a first step, you can use them for differently flavored mashed potatoes. Use various cheeses, seasonings and spices. You can also try US dehy for creamier soups, sauces and stews. Potato chowder, whether with clams or bacon, makes for a great, filling soup on a rainy day.

Finally try US dehy as food stuffing for roasted poultry or as a base for toppings. US dehy can also be used in breads, cakes, pastries and even native delicacies.


As I found out, there’s really more to US dehy than you’d think. You can use it for potato pancakes or waffles for breakfast, potato croquettes for snacks, and shepherd’s pie for lunch or dinner. It may also be a good addition to your favorite local dishes like kaldereta, menudo, humba and afritada.

Looking for a recipe you can easily make with US Dehy? Why not try this simple Mashed Potato Cheese Croquettes for a tasty snack or appetizer.

Food Hack: Save on prep time by substituting dehydrated mashed potatoes to whip up this recipe in a flash.

Recipe by: Potatoes USA

Try these mashed potato cheese croquettes for a tasty snack or appetizer.
Food Hack: Save on prep time by substituting dehydrated mashed potatoes to whip up these Mashed Potato Cheese Croquettes in a flash. T


1 cup prepared mashed potatoes, plain flavor (according to package directions)
1 Tablespoon unsalted butter, melted
1 Tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1 egg whole
100 grams cheddar cheese, grated
1 shallot and sharp minced very fine equaling 1 Tablespoon
2 eggs large (for crumbs)
1/2 cup milk
30 grams all-purpose flour
100 grams bread crumbs
pinch of sea salt
pinch of ground white pepper
pinch of dried chili powder
20 grams parsley, chopped (for garnish)
Chipotle Sauce

1/4 cup mayonnaise
15 grams dried chili, seedless
2 Tablespoons tomato ketchup sauce
1 Tablespoon lime juice
5 grams chives, fine minced
pinch of sea salt
pinch of ground white pepper

In a medium bowl, mix the prepared mashed potatoes with unsalted butter and worchestershire.
Combine 1 egg, cheese and shallot in the bowl and mix thoroughly.
Roll the mashed potato mixture into 4 golf ball- sized croquettes.
Beat 2 eggs together with milk in a bowl.
Mix bread crumbs with pinch of sea salt, pinch of white ground pepper and pinch of dried chili powder into a second bowl.
Dip each croquette in the all-purpose flour then egg and roll into the crumb mixture.
Deep fry the croquette until golden brown.
Drain on paper towels and serve while hot with dipping sauce; garnish with fresh parsley.
Chipotle Sauce

Mix all ingredients in a blender and blend together until mixed well. Set aside.

As an added bonus here is how to rehydrate US Dehy to make mashed potatoes:
US Standard Potato Flakes – 500 gm
Milk – 700 ml
Butter – 200 gm or 1 bar
Salt – 16 gm
Water –  2,000 ml

1. Combine water, salt and butter.
2. Heat to a boil, remove from heat.
3. Add cold milk, gently stir in potato flakes. DO NOT WHIP.
4. More flakes can be used if a heavier texture is desired.

Interested in U.S. dehy? Contact your local Potatoes USA-Philippines office at +632.534.8534 /

For more information on US potatoes, visit the Potato Goodness website or like and follow Potatoes USA-Philippines on Facebook.

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