Shop in RP YKL Color, Inc. brings back the joy of printing memories at first Wonder Photo



Shop in RP YKL Color, Inc. brings back the joy of printing memories at first Wonder Photo
Before social networking sites became popular, people preserved memories by capturing important milestones, family traditions, and every little discovery and printing these photos. In every household, you would find family albums, tomes of snaps in hard copies, lifetimes’ worth of printed memories.
YKL Color, Inc., a FUJIFILM distributor, revives the habit of printing photographs by launching the first Wonder Photo Shop-Tokyo, a photography and printing store originated in Tokyo, in the Philippines at the Ayala-U.P. Town Center. Being the number one country that loves to take photos, the Philippines was an easy choice for the famed photographic brand. “We believe that we can show the Filipinos the excitement in capturing memories and bringing their memories to life by printing their photos,” says Yu Tung Tung president of YKL Color, Inc.

Established in 1934, FUJIFILM Corporation is the first Japanese producer of photographic films. In the decades that followed, the company diversified into other markets. The company has survived and thrived even in the era of digital photography by focusing on the user experience. YKL Color, Inc., a distributor of FUJIFILM products, runs Wonder Photo Shop-Tokyo with support from FUJIFILM Philippines Inc.

A fun, enjoyable, multi-pronged experience is what awaits the public at the first Wonder Photo Shopin the Philippines. Part store, part print center, and part workshop hub, Wonder Photo Shop-Tokyo in U.P. Town Center is a one-stop boutique and learning center that offers an array of products and services: a Selfie Studio, where customers can delight in taking and printing complex photos; printing services with high-quality professional paper, photobook service, WPS (Wonder Print Station) kiosk printer, which provides a variety of quick photo printing; photo accessories such as washi tapes, fancy photo albums, photo frames and stickers and Fujifilm Instax and digital cameras.


The Wonder Photo Shop-Tokyo in U.P. Town Center closely resembles the two-year-old Wonder Photo Shop in Tokyo. It is almost the same except that there are more printing options at Wonder Photo Shop-Tokyo in the Philippines. Customers can print on different materials like glass, cork boards, sintra boards, wood boards and canvasses. There are also the much-anticipated complex prints.

In the age of selfies, the process of actually printing a photo for younger generations has become a tedious chore. YKL Color, Inc. embraces the so-called selfie generation and brings back excitement to the art of photo printing by giving it a fresh, young, trendy take. “The photo itself is necessary and interesting, and as long as we provide excitement to printing photos, people will enjoy prints,” stresses Tung Tung.

Filipinos are a sentimental lot. They love chronicling moments in their lives spent with family, friends, and loved ones. They take pleasure in looking at and sharing to the world snaps taken during a child’s graduation day, an office outing, a relative’s birthday, their many travels, a dinner date with one’s spouse. These photographs serve as mementos that remind us of days well spent, challenges met head-on, friendships forged along the way. And nothing beats having these memories printed bursting with colors on vivid prints.

With YKL Color, Inc. and at Wonder Photo Shop-Tokyo, the task of printing memories becomes a communal activity where everyone we hold dear can take a part in.

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