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Save yourself from the Addiction: Please Do NOT Download the Shopee App.

Do you know the most addicting app you can download from the AppStore or PlayStore?

Facebook, FB Messenger, Skype, Samsung Push Service, and Subway Surfers may be the only non-google apps to have reached more than a billion downloads but besides FB and Messenger, the rest of the other  apps on the list are mostly on a need to use basis.

Yes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter may be running your social life (or is it Tinder?), and you might be spending  most of your free time playing  Candy Crush (or in my mom’s case FarmVille) Toon Blast, one of those MOBA games like Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor or even Rules of Survival, Battlegrounds or even NBA2k18, but since I downloaded this app, I have turned on all app notifications, stalked a lot of profiles, “liked” more posts from people I don’t even know and to tell you the truth its what kept me inside the house the entire Holy Week.

The App I am talking about is that amalgamation of online stores called  Shopee.

And I know the other 5 million people who have used it will agree, that once you go  Shopee, there is no turning back.

It all started with a dash cam, followed by a few accessories, and then a few more, and it became a weekly habit–and eventually a daily addiction. Just like checking my social media feeds, I’ve created alerts and reminders  for my wish list items.

Like I mentioned, it was the thing that kept me occupied for most of last week.In between cleaning and building my lego sets I would glance at my notifications or check out the  flash sales and before I knew it,  my battery was low, the sun had set and I missed dinner–again.

Just this afternoon as I was checking the status of my latest order (which was supposed to be delivered today) I saw this new section called “Mall,” turns out it was the new Shopee Mall where you can find items from over 500 brands and the top sellers–all authentic items at most at discounted prices.

And like that  Gary V song, “Di na  natuto” I forgot to finish my column for Saturday and got lost from all the tempting items I kept liking and adding to my cart.

My sister had just opened her Shopee store called Ready Sette Go, (visit her shop for your car accessories!) when I came across a section called “Brand Summer Deals For Women”  and “Brand Summer Deals for Men” so I told myself, just a little peek, five minutes max, and then I’ll quit.

I started at 6pm, now its almost midnight.

But I did find a lot of summer items which I’m pretty sure will interest you.

It all started with this bluetooth speaker which is perfect for those summer outings and adventure trips.

Then I saw this splash proof JBL speaker at 41% off. FYI I have a speaker collection numbering about  40 now.

Then I saw these colorful shades which are just P44!  And would you believe Shopee has an entire section of items which are priced at P44 only?

Save your phone from drowning–or getting wet in the first place with this ziplock bag

Couple shades anyone? Just not sure if it will last like the relationship of these two  Still you cant go wrong at P79 😀

 Got a couple shirt? Why not get matching shorts as well?

But I just don’t think these shorts would fit my Abs.

AND THEN I SAW THE BIKINIS..I mean swimwear..

They even have these cute Little Mermaid swimsuit

which you could pair with these….stockings. No? I didn’t think so too.

Believe me they have hundreds perhaps maybe even thousands of swimwear choices, but for my safety, I’ll stop with these cute coverups

Plan on joining the TOWEL DROP challenge?

You can also purchase a lot of sunscreen products to protect your skin and even hair from the harsh summer sun.

Now check out all these other items which Im sure will be a perfect gift for a family member or a friend . Like these hats for Mudra or your dear Mother in Law.

Get these aqua socks before heading to the beach!
Something for your sister or beshie?

What about this beach mat for the family?

This is for those who plan on some serious snorkelling.

Who can say no to an  inflatable unicorn and a pizza shaped towel

Even if you are just #TeamBahay, why not get yourself these classic “slides” which never gets out of style– perfect for playing some outdoor sports or for getting rid of those pesky cockroaches.

Like I said, you can spend hours and hours just browsing through all the stores and items available on Shopee and do your shopping without even having to leave your chair.

Here is my favorite purchase so far.  With this LAZY NECK POD I don’t even have to hold my phone while browsing! 

So if you dont want to get great deals, save lots of time and money, and experience online shopping at its most convenient. Save yourself from the addiction, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE SHOPEE APP.

But just in case here is the Google Play Store link SHOPEE

And a voucher code to keep you started.

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Written by eduy

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