Saridon and Vice Ganda is all about pain-free fun and positivity

Vice Ganda has built a career on providing positivity and fun making her the perfect fit for the Saridon brand. Vice Ganda and Saridon are truly the latest unkabogable pair.

Like Saridon, Vice Ganda has built a career on providing positivity and laughter in every situation, which makes their teamup a perfect fit during these uncertain and head-ache inducing times.

It is but fitting that these two trusted names join forces making them truly kabog together as we go through life’s challenges.

Check out the new Saridon Commercial with Vice:

Nako, sumakit ang ulo ni Meme! ☹ Buti na lang may Paracetamol Propyphenazone Caffeine (Saridon Triple Action)! Mas kabog…

Posted by Saridon on Saturday, July 25, 2020

In times when we’re trying our best, the worst thing that can happen is to have an unexpected headache that stops us from getting more work done. Riding a bike to make a delivery or commuting to report for work at a hospital is tough as it is, you don’t need a sudden headache adding to that stress. 

To deal with unexpected headaches, you need something you can trust. You need Saridon. Saridon Triple Action is all about spreading positivity and fun as it also gives pain relief in as fast as fifteen minutes.

For relief of mild to severe headaches, Saridon Triple Action is the solution. Saridon Triple Action has paracetamol, propyphenazone, and caffeine which when combined together has a faster onset of action and greater analgesic effect. It is more effective with caffeine compared to plain paracetamol so that you can get back to work in no time.

Trustworthy and reliable, Saridon relieves those headaches fast, immediately enabling you to go on with your day in a better mood.

Saridon associate marketing manager Toby Manlapat shares, “There is no question that Vice is the perfect addition to the Saridon family. With our thrust to spread positivity and take away pain, Vice is quite a fit. We are happy to have her on board.” 

The fun continues as Saridon takes over the hot platorm Tiktok this August.

Saridon is manufactured by Bayer, a trusted name in pharmaceuticals and consumer health for over 150 years. 

Paracetamol/Propyphenazone/Caffeine is the generic name of Saridon Triple Action. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor. Saridon is available in all leading drugstores nationwide.

What are your most painful moments and what do you think of Vice as Saridon’s newest endorser?

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Stay safe, stay healthy and Be kind!

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