Pizza Hut has been spamming everyone! Could it be a hint of things with “spam?

The mods behind the Pizza Hut account is on a “liking” spree and has suddenly been liking a lot of photos and even replying with multiple reactions on people’s Instagram pages AND We FIND IT INTRIGUING. 


Here you can see that they liked 15, (yes, 15!) recent photos of Senyora Santibanez

And they even replied to his followers! 

Of course, they didn’t miss out liking other known influencers’ posts also:

In short, Pizza Hut flooded their notifications in a strange and spammy way. Are they just bored? Or, is it a code for us to crack? Is it a message? If it is what we think it is, could it be a new pizza flavor?

To know more about Pizza Hut’s spammy moves, be on the lookout on their official social media accounts.


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Written by eduy

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