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Shoe Style Tips from Piolo Pascual and Figlia Uomo

Figlia Uomo launches Men’s line

Three things that help the Ultimate hunk  Piolo Pascual choose the right shoes.

“When Figlia told me they were launching a men’s line, I never thought twice about accepting their proposal, Piolo told media during the launch event held Saturday October 13, 2018 at the SM Makati.

“I love shoes and I love white shoes. I just don’t know why, Piolo continued with his signature laugh.

So how does the hunky actor choose his footwear?

“First is comfort. It not only has to be  comfortable to wear, but you also need to feel comfortable wearing it.  You don’t want to walk with a limp or feel awkward about your shoes.”

“Second is practicality. You have to get something that you can wear for a long time. It should be versatile like the ones from Figlia.”

“Third is style. It has to match what you are wearing. Figlia Uomo has a lot of styles to choose from and you can pair it in any event.

UOMO means “man” in Italian. As the men’s line of a trusted brand, Figlia UOMO offers the same quality, style and comfort Figlia is known for. The new shoe line aims to set the trend in men’s shoes through its unique collection of impeccable designs at competitive prices.

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For stylish, versatile and masculine Piolo Pascual, Figlia UOMO shoes are the right fit, with a variety of high-quality pairs to complement his diverse lifestyle while for Figlia OUMO, he is just what they are looking for in a brand ambassador.

The popular actor represents the Filipino’s classic taste, strong fashion sense and very distinct style, qualities the new line of men’s shoes wanted in the person that will represent its brand.

The heartthrob formally marked his debut as the brand ambassador at a fashion show that launched Figlia UOMO. The show will feature Figlia UOMO’s three stylish collections: formal, semi-formal and casual.

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