Ang “Alamat ng Fried Chicken” a “legendary” reward card and the return of Max’s Chicken All You Can

While the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) is finished wrapping up the Infinity Saga, our very own MCU (Max’s Cinematic Universe) is barely getting started.

It all began last October with ‘End Alienation,’ an apocalyptic/ alien invasion/ sci-fi themed short film which easily puts a lot of other similar locally produced films to shame. It is arguably one of the best if not the best made brand ad in terms of quality and story telling, with the equally iconic “kaleidoscope world” playing in the background to showcase just how Max’s Restaurant is open to everyone.

It then followed it up with “Resolutions” another amazing production that if you didn’t see the ending, could pass off as an international ad as well. Resolutions,’ proves it’s possible to unite and come together as a family despite our differences.

“Everybody Wants to Rule the World” but when it comes to video ads, its clear that Max’s is way ahead of everybody else.

Max’s history of compelling storytelling had been recognized by the prestigious Asia-Pacific Tambuli Awards as the Advertiser of the Year for ‘End Alienation,’ which highlights our intrinsic need to belong.

So its quite interesting that for its third short film, “Rise Up” the brand decided to do an animated video instead.

‘Rise Up’ takes an unexpected twist of celebrating Max’s 74 years of proud existence – its Sarap-To-The-Bones chicken and how it brings everyone from different walks of life together and foster life-long relationships.

Can you imagine a world where the sun doesn’t shine? A life where we must aimlessly walk blind with nothing but darkness to guide us? This may sound like a dystopian, post-apocalyptic scenario, but in Max’s Restaurant’s newest installment of its ‘Every Kind of Family’ campaign, it is a far lighter take; one on kindness, respect, collaboration, and working together for the good of everyone.

“One of the things our fans have come to love about the brand is our out-of-this-world sense of humor and our belief in seeing the best in people,” shares Max’s Restaurant Chief Operating Officer Paolo Serrano. “With ‘Rise Up,’ we played to these strengths to give people a fresher take on Max’s Restaurant and our message.”

For Serrano, animation and quirky tone aside, ‘Rise Up’ gets to the heart of Max’s Restaurant as an institution; more than The House That Fried Chicken Built, it has also been a place where people of different ages, backgrounds, and beliefs have come together for over seven decades.

“Max’s has always been a place where people come together for something greater and more meaningful than themselves,” notes Serrano. “Whether it’s celebrating a child’s first birthday, the start of a marriage, or a young adult getting their degree, Max’s has always been that place for people. We have always seen ourselves as part of the communities we are in. It’s also been a place where people passionate about good food, great service, and love of sustainable local cuisine have come together.”

Adds Serrano, “Having Max’s be a part of our fans’ lives has meant a lot to us, and as a gesture of appreciation, we’re now making it easier for everyone to come together at Max’s with our Rewards Card.” With a minimum single-receipt food purchase of PHP1,000 which automatically entitles guests with one card, Every Kind of Family can have all the more memorable dining experiences Every Day to the Max.

This latest must-have allows cardholders an outright 10% discount starting at PHP500 to PHP10,000 food purchase. Even better, card owners can avail a free Max’s Best Plate anytime, seven days before or after their birthday. This special set is where all the best of Max’s come together, like Fried Chicken, Lumpiang Shanghai, Pancit Canton, Max’s Tofu or Chicken Skin, Sweet Kamote Fries, Rice, and a Caramel Bar.

Coming together doesn’t stop there because on July 31, starting 12PM, Max’s is also having another round of Chicken All-You-Can. Make sure to gather your friends, families, or even someone you just met and get your hands on unlimited Max’s Fried Chicken, Soup of the Day, Soft Drinks, and Rice for only PHP399.

Indeed, the world is better when we come together, especially if the heart of each get-together is at Max’s Restaurant, enjoying a plate of Sarap-To-The-Bones® Fried Chicken.

To watch Max’s latest film and find more information about the Rewards Card and Chicken All-You-Can, visit Max’s Facebook page.

To watch Max’s latest film and find more information about the Rewards Card and Chicken All-You-Cal. visi Max’s Facebook nae.

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