Car Essentials 01: Keeping it clean and shiny with Auto-Gard

Although, I’ve been driving for most of my life, it embarrasses me to admit that I still barely know anything about car engines, or even the most basic troubleshooting techniques.

What I have learned from owning a car though is how to keep your car clean and always looking good.

As they say, “Put your best foot forward” and though I never dared used my car to impress the ladies, how you keep your car clean and shiny, pretty much says a lot about you (except of course during the rainy season! why does it always rain just after you had your car washed!?! )

For a lot  of guys, our car is often cleaner than our rooms. Agree?  Whether it’s brand new or older, you’ll always want to make sure it’s well taken care of: working, looking, and smelling at its very best!

When it comes to car products, Auto-Gard is one of those products you always see on the shelves. I’ve already tried and bought several of their  products and have a stock of  chamois, microfiber rags and their tire black always ready.  

Last week, while buying a few stuff at ACE Hardware I saw a few products from Auto-Gard that might just be my next purchase. First is the premium, water-repellent Auto-Gard Protector Wax (SRP: PHP219.75) which not only gives your car a deep shine, but also protects the paintwork from harsh UV rays and moisture. The bonus is it doesn’t have a strong odor, and in fact has a gentle smell, which makes it easy to wash off your hands.

Another interesting item is the Auto-Gard Carnauba Wax (SRP: PHP169.75 for 250ml; PHP289.75 for 500ml). This is used to polish, protect, and shine your car further to add that long-lasting, extra protection for your car’s finish and best applied using the highly absorbent (up to 7x its weight) Auto-Gard Microfiber Suede Polishing Cloth (SRP: PHP179.75).

If you’ve ever tried waxing your car, you know that having the right cloth to wipe it off is very important. Auto-Gard’s Microfiber suede cloth is great for buffing all types of wax fast and easy, and removes dirt, dust, oil, and grease without leaving a dent, thanks to its high-quality microfiber technology. The combination ensures top-notch surface protection and maintenance for your car, making it look like it just rolled out from a showroom.

Finally, if you are like me who hates it when there’s something smelly inside your car, here’s something you definitely need to buy– the Auto-Gard Odor Eliminator, formulated with E15 Odor Eradicator that’s guaranteed to trap and completely get rid off any foul odor inside your car, and not just cover them up.

Auto-Gard products are non-toxic and made with environment-friendly formula. Make heads turn with your car and buy your complete set now. Auto-Gard also offers carpet and upholstery, all-purpose protectant, window cleaner, waterless car wash, quick detailer, tire shine and protector, and all-purpose cleaning products, which are available at Ace Hardware, Ace Builders, Ace Express branches, SM Supermarket, Handyman, True Value, Landers Superstore, Wilcon Depot, S&R, All Home, Gaisano Malls, Landmark, and Shopwise, and online at, and

[Car Essentials:  Although I’ve been driving for more than 25 years, I’ve never been much of a motoring enthusiast or  car care  until I bought my first car a few years ago. In this series, I’ll be sharing the products I’m using, my new discoveries, and hopefully a few new tips for fellow first time car owners or even those experts who just want to know about the  latest car products and accessories in the market.] 

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