Living the modern nature-friendly lifestyle at Tagaytay Highlands

MODERN living always seems synonymous to the urban and hectic city life. But Tagaytay Highlands’ Nob Hill is about to update your lifestyle vocabulary.

A benchmark for luxury mountain resort living, Tagaytay Highlands’ newest neighborhood is fit for the weekday grinders looking for some quick escape. Nob Hill’s eco-friendly community boasts itself with verdant landscapes and spectacular views, without compromising the conveniences of the city life, the makings of blissful weekends.

Nob Hill is Tagaytay Highlands’ leisure lot development seamlessly blending nature with modern designs, featuring Contemporary Architecture, linear parks, nature elements and generous open spaces.
Nob Hill is Tagaytay Highlands’ leisure lot development seamlessly blending nature with modern designs, featuring Contemporary Architecture, linear parks, nature elements and generous open spaces.

“We want to offer cosmopolitan living in a setting close to nature. In Nob Hill, relaxation and convenience are our priorities. It is the ideal place to call home in a prime location like Tagaytay,” said Ms. Lennie A. Mendoza, Senior Vice President.

Relaxation comes easy with the minimalist and geometric lines of the Contemporary-themed Nob Hill home with the metal and wood finishes exuding sophistication and comfort at the same time.

Nature comes close with the cool breeze easily coming in one’s abode, and the large picture windows showcasing the lights and sights of Tagaytay seemingly displaying real-life paintings, especially with the views of the majestic Mt. Makiling at the east and Highlands Mountain to the west. The different colors of nature can now easily be watched with the large windows framing the perfect backdrops.

Certainly, the eco-friendly theme does not stop at architectural design of the neighborhood’s houses with nature-appreciation extending to Nob Hill’s entire environment. Gardens and linear parks are abundant in the neighborhood keeping the air fresh, and the sights peaceful.

There are abundant trees dotting the entire community, with circuit pathways and fitness stations for jogging, running and biking with lush greenery as the backdrop. But if you prefer some quiet downtime by the afternoon, a walk in the Central Park towards the Palm court and gazebo may give that much-needed dose of Mother Nature’s tranquility.

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Meanwhile, for those looking for play and fun can choose their own type of playground. Kids may enjoy some fun in the sand with the community’s own play area while the young at heart adults may have a round of golf at the Tagaytay Midlands Golf Course as each lot at Nob Hill comes with a proprietary share to The Tagaytay Midlands Golf Club.

Homeowners may also enjoy world-class amenities at the Country Club such as ATV rides, the first cable car and funicular train system in the country, horseback riding, and fishing, among others. Tagaytay Highlands also has its own quaint log cabin version of a convenience store. And for those looking for gastronomic adventures, there are a total of 16 restaurants serving different cuisines just within the vicinity.

The community harmonizes modern living in a natural setting, more so with its complete and top of the line amenities. Enjoy a hassle-free maintenance of your property with an in-house landscaping and full housekeeping services. The 24-hour security and on-call medical and fire-fighting teams, emergency power and abundant water supply ensure the family may sleep well at night.

With all the views and promising homes, this new sanctuary can easily become your favorite weekend haven. The location’s booming potential also offers possible long-term benefits and rewards which makes investing at Tagaytay Highlands a perfect move.

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