6 tips for a BREAKFAST fit for a KING!

KING SUE believes that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and to get you jump-started for a happy day here are some tips for a surprising breakfast treat!

  1. To make kids’ meals more exciting, alternate oatmeal and cereals with made-from-scratch meals. Treat them to a special homemade omelet by mixing slices of King Sue Hawaiian ham with mushrooms and cheese. Got some ham cubes? You may mix them with the fried rice—just add some corn bits and diced carrots. Your kids will surely thank you for it.
  2. Make some breakfast sandwiches! King Sue has an array of cold cuts that are perfect as snacks-to-go. Aside from the different flavored hams, you may also use Salami, Pepperoni, or Bologna to squeeze into toasted wheat or ciabatta breads, in a blanket of tomato, mustard or mayo dressing, and some lettuce. Relish the joy as you see your kids savor every bite and share some with their classmates and friends.
  3. Crispy Bacon! Who doesn’t love their bacon crispy? Wake up to the smell and the sound of King Sue Sliced or Canadian Bacon frying in the pan. Another hearty dish is Garlic Longganisa with fresh tomatoes. They’re perfect with a steaming cup of coffee or heart chocolate to perk up the morning.
  4. Even if you’re in a hurry to catch up with your Zumba or Yoga classes, don’t miss an energizing breakfast. If you want it light, try mixing your own salad. Get some greens, slice the hard-boiled eggs and cherry tomatoes, grate in some parmesan cheese, and mix it with cubed ham and bacon tidbits. You may also slice some King Sue German Franks or Hungarian-Style sausages, then smother everything with that pre-mixed salad dressing and you’re in for a bowl of delight. 
  5. Impress the family with French toast, pancake with German Franks. Dip the flat white bread in an egg-and-milk mixture before frying. Arrange the franks and sausages in a platter with some pancakes, confectionery sugar, sliced banana, nuts and drizzle with honey to charm your family’s sweet tooth.14012747_10155213706184199_1070019957_o
  6. For weekends why not go All Filipino? Get them ready for a fun filled family bonding experience with King Sue’s Filipino favorites? Sneak in the kitchen early and make the family’s “silog” dreams come true. Prepare fried rice (mixed with sliced King Sue ham, bits of scrambled egg, diced carrots, green peas) then serve with Deli Burger, Corned Beef. Chicken or Pork Tocino.king sue Pork Tocino

King Sue breakfast items give you great reasons to sit down and enjoy morning meals with every bite.

For King Sue orders and inquiries, all 881-0530 364-5430, 376-6441 and +639199889642. 

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