Pepsi Royalty Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla leads thousands to take the Pepsi Taste Challenge at Trinoma

pepsi taste challenge

Thousands of people gathered at the Trinoma Activity Center Saturday afternoon to take the #PepsiTasteChallenge, and after the final tally, its official–more than 75% of the participants preferred the taste of Pepsi!

The event also brought together some of the most popular internet celebrities and performers to welcome the newest addition its roster of ambassadors–Kathryn Bernardo.

Unveiled as the newest endorser of Pepsi Philippines, Kathryn joined her longtime love team partner, Daniel Padilla, among others, as part of the Pepsi family.

“Handa na akong #SundInAngPuso ko” said Kathryn Bernardo as she joined Daniel Padilla on stage.

“Something that Daniel and I share is the belief that we should follow our hearts and do the things we love. Just go for it 100%! That’s why this year, I really told myself I’m going to go all-in,” she said.

“I’m thrilled to join Daniel in encouraging people to do the same. as part of the Pepsi family,” Kathryn said.

The event also featured different Pepsi influencers and endorsers like Daniel Padilla, Mimiyuuuh, JinHo Bae, Pamela Swing, Alyssa Valdez, Kiefer Ravena, and Ricci Rivero. Various fun and interactive activities such as Pepsi-oke, a live vlogging challenge, and a digital roulette and extraordinary performances from inspiring local artists including Matthaios, Autotelic, and SB19 entertained the audience.

The Pepsi Taste Challenge celebrates Filipinos’ love for cola and dares them to challenge their prenonceptions through a taste test in different cities around the Philippines, to find out wnether people prefer the refreshing taste of Pepsi vs another cola brand. The event will also take place in Cebu and in Davao two of the bustling areas in the country.

“Kathryn embodies a refreshing personality which Pepsi represents,” said Gutzee Segura, Marketing in Pepsi Philippines. “Like Pepsi, she has always been a crowd favorite. As a matter of fact. during our Pepsi Challenge held in different countries around the world such as UK, France, Italy, and Australia, among others, most of the people picked Pepsi over other cola brands.”

“Apart from these though, Kathryn’s amazing dedication to her craft serves as an inspiration to countless fans”, Gutzee shared. “With her passion and her knack for following her heart, she really personifies what Pepsi stands for,” she added.

SundinAngPuso and put your cola taste to a test, with live performances from local artists at the upcoming Pepsi Taste Test Challenge events: SM Seaside Cebu on February 22, 2020 and SM Lanang Premiere Davao on March 7, 2020. For more details, visit httss:// and follow @PepsiPhilippines on lnstagram.

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