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Kakaiba ang Init? Cool down with Magnolia’s Kakaibang Sarap Pinoy Favorites!

You know its summer when you perspire without any effort, even if you are just sitting in front of the electric fan.

These days the heat is even made worse by the water interruptions and those nasty blackouts! So what do you do to beat this kakaibang init?

Two words. Ice Cream.

This summer experience your favorite pinoy ice cream flavors with a twist as Magnolia Ice Cream introduces ‘Kakaibang Sarap ng Pinoy Favorites” — 3 new indulgent flavors from Magnolia Ice Cream for only P250!

For anyone who’s grown up in the 80s and 90s, there is only Ice Cream–Magnolia and with all those throwback posts circulating on social media, Magnolia Ice Cream took inspiration to reinvent familiar childhood favorite ice cream flavors and combined it with unique yet delightful trendy ingredients for a surprisingly delicious modern twist that will tickle every ice cream lover’s adventurous palate.

Cheese lovers will surely enjoy Magnolia Ice Cream’s Quezo Mangosteen combining two mouthwatering flavors that strike a balance between sweet and salty flavor profiles. This creamy and tiavorsome ice cream is packed with buttery cheese bits that will easily melt in your mouth and swirled with mangosteen fudge for a tangy bite.

My favorite is the Ube Salted Caramel Waffle. Because it brings together three of my favorite things!, Magnolia Ice Cream blended its vibrant purple ube halaya ice cream with luscious salted caramel ripple and crushed crunchy waffle cones to create the perfect dessert to indulge in when chilling out during the hot summer days!

Finally, summer is the best time to savor the soft, juicy, and refreshing in-season ripe mangoes and what better way to enjoy this sweet and nutritious fruit than to take it up a notch by turning it into a yummy frozen treat! Magnolia Ice Cream’s Mango Toffee Nut is your classic mango ice cream mixed with a generous amount of toffee-coated peanuts for a crunchy texture, swirled with rich toffee ripple and, of course, combined with that besttasting mango flavor Filipinos love.

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy “Kakaibang Sarap ng Pinoy Favorites” this summer by heading on over to your favorite supermarkets or groceries to purchase tub from the Magnolia Best of the Philippines Ice Cream Collection! While you’re at it, try the other mouthwatering flavors of the Magnolia Best of the Philippines Ice Cream Collection flavors: Avocado Macchiato, Taro White Cheese, Mango Dark Chocolate, Tablea Yema, and Ube Keso.

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Enriched with carabao’s milk, every bite will be as creamy as ever and these new and irresistible summer flavors of the Magnolia Best of the Philippines Ice Cream Collection will always keep you wanting more.

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