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Huawei ships 10 million P30 series units in just 85 days

Now that the US ban on Huawei could be over soon, some good news are coming out from the world’s second largest smartphone maker has been announced starting with the record breaking shipments of its flagship P30 series.

At the launch event of the company’s new entry-level offering, the HUAWEI Y9 Prime 2019 held yesterday at The Peak, Grand Hyatt, Mr. George Li, Country Manager at HUAWEI Consumer Business Group Philippines, revealed that the shipment for P30 series shipment achieved a record-breaking 10 million units in 85 days.

The sales for the mentioned phone series exceeded its predecessor the P20 series by 52% on the first month of its launch.

The HUAWEI Watch GT has its own fair share of success too, as shipment for the said line are already at two million.

HUAWEI is ablaze with momentum and has recently overtaken Apple to become the world’s number 2 brand in global smartphone sales recorded after the first quarter of 2019. The country head revealed that the secret to the company’s success is the brand’s customer centricity:

“We keep our focus to our consumers. We listen to them and we make sure that the products we release in the market will certainly address their pain points and improve their lives.”

“We will not stop. We will continue to provide Filipino consumers with innovations and products that they deserve”, Mr. Li said in his opening remarks where he thanked the Huawei consumers for their support.

Mr. Li’s speech also focused on Huawei’s global and local milestones. Here are the key points and excerpts from his important address:

Huawei has become a well-loved brand by consumers worldwide enjoying the support of more than 600 million HUAWEI users worldwide – which is about 15% of the world’s population.

HUAWEI remains to be at the forefront of innovations as a global tech leader in 5G technology– developing its own 5G tech as early as early as 2009 and now with 50 5G contracts signed globally.
The company has been proactively involved in the formulation and ranks first place in technological contribution to 5G standards.

In the Philippines, 5G is within reach of Filipinos through Globe powered by HUAWEI’s 5G CPE system recently. “5G technology is a breakthrough for HUAWEI and the industry. We are more than proud to help make this available to the Philippine market”, says Li.

All these are product of HUAWEI’s commitment to constant innovation by investing largely on research and development. The company already invested more than USD 75 billion on R&D in a span of ten years.

No other way but up

Despite the external issues faced by the company, HUAWEI remains strong and has grown steadily year-on-year. According to Li, it crossed the 100 million mark in smartphone shipments by the end of May, the fastest pace ever for the company.

Zeroing in on the local market, Li stays optimistic that their new offering, Y9 Prime 2019 will be received well by Filipino consumers. This is along HUAWEI’s attempt to open more stores in the country making HUAWEI technologies and products available to more Filipinos. Recently, HUAWEI inaugurated two premium concept stores at The Podium and premium service store at the Venice Mall.

Mr. George Li ended his speech with sincere thanks: “We thank our consumers and all our partners for continuously trusting HUAWEI. Thank you for inspiring us to do better and achieve all these milestones and successes. With your support, there’s no other way but up!”

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