Hot on the Dot, Pizza Hut’s fresh pizza guarantee

Pizza Hut ensures every pizza delivered to its customers is hot and fresh out of the oven. To prove this, the box even has a Hot Dot sticker indicator that changes its color when it’s hot.

Pizza Hut continues to revolutionize the food service industry with the relaunch of their Hot Dot Delivery Guarantee.

This one-of-a-kind delivery service from the world’s #1 pizza chain ensures that Filipino pizza lovers always get that hot, fresh and delicious pizza every time they order – or it’s free!

When the delivery arrives, customers will instantly notice the refreshed box design and see the Hot Dot sticker. This sticker reacts to heat and changes from black to HOT to indicate freshness and tells customers that their pizza is at the perfect temperature. As a way to back up their promise, they will give your pizza for FREE if the hot dot sticker does not change color.

Distance and travel time play a big factor on the quality and freshness of the food delivered to customers. That’s why Pizza Hut developed a unique method that utilizes insulated hot pouches and indicator stickers to enhance their delivery service and experience.

Immediately after each pizza is cooked, Pizza Hut places them in Hot Pouches. These pouches have a rechargeable heating device that keeps the pizza hot while going to its destination, so regardless of the traffic situation, the food is kept warm and fresh.

“Pizza Hut has always been dedicated to delivering quality service and products to our customers. Our Hot Dot Delivery Guarantee is tied to this commitment in ensuring that our fellow Filipino pizza lovers enjoy their favorite pizzas the way it is meant to be served when it arrives at their door,” said Lorent Adrias, Chief Marketing Officer, Pizza Hut Philippines.

Pizza Hut is the largest and most popular pizza chain, serving more than a million pan pizzas a day in its 12,000 restaurants worldwide. With this enhanced delivery service, the company extends their promise of serving great pizza with choice ingredients, the perfect crust, and the freshest toppings, so anyone can continue to enjoy their favorite pizzas at home, in the office, or elsewhere.

If you want to try out their new Hot Dot Delivery Guarantee, you’re in luck because Pizza Hut is offering their large-sized Pepperoni Supreme, Cheesy Carbonara and Meaty BBQ pan pizzas for only P299 each (down from its regular price of P479) until November 4, 2019!

The next time you call 911-11-11 or visit to order your favorite pizza, don’t forget to look for the dot to tell if it’s hot – because it’s free if it’s not

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Written by eduy

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