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Everyone Can Wear Huawei: Top Reasons to Own a Huawei Smartwatch

Once considered niche even within geeky tech circles, smartwatches – or wearables – have now gained widespread adoption. Wearables have evolved to function as a sort of secondary smartphone – a companion device to expand the phone’s usability without needing to actually interact with it.

Naturally, this evolution has made smartwatches more useful and accessible to a wider range of users. Huawei’s very own range of wearables are packed with smart features that fit an assortment of lifestyles, all while brimming with the fashionable sense Huawei devices are known for. To highlight just how different these wearables are from the fitness bands of yore, here are a couple of excellent reasons to wear a Huawei smartwatch:

  1. Up to 2 weeks of battery life

The Watch GT 2 46mm is equipped with the ultra-powerful Kirin A1 Dual chipset specifically designed for Huawei wearables, giving it the kind of performance that business-driven folks will surely appreciate. Equally astonishing is its battery life, which can last for up to two weeks even with its array of sensors activated day and night. In fact, between the Watch GT 2 42mm variant’s week-long uptime, the Band 4’s 9-day stamina, and the Band 4E’s two-week charge, Huawei’s entire wearable line are veritable endurance champs.

  • It’s like having a personal assistant – both in and out of the gym

For the corporate types who like to spend a few hours of their week in the gym for a quick cardio workout session, the Huawei Watch GT 2 (46mm) functions as a personal assistant and sports trainer rolled into one. Bluetooth calls and music playback are all hands-free affairs thanks to its smart assistant capabilities, while the 15 built-in sports modes provide useful guidance during both indoor (7 modes) and outdoor (8 modes) activities. 

Full-time fitness buffs who prefer a scientifically-guided exercise routine will love the Huawei Band 4 and its 9 workout modes. Each mode, which supports a variety of walking, running, cycling, elliptical and rowing exercises syncs data with a paired smartphone for detailed viewing and sharing.

  • Science-based workout and heart rate monitoring

Huawei’s wearable line considerably levels up fitness management, even when not in the gym: Huawei’s patented TruSeen and TruSleep technologies on the Watch GT 2 and Band 4 ensure 24 hours of professional health tracking suited to a spectrum of lifestyles. TruSeen 3.5 assumes heart rate tracking duties by employing a dynamic algorithm that accurately monitors beats during exercise, sleep, and everything in between. TruSeen also has heart rate upper limit alert functions, to help users find a balanced pace during exercise.

TruSleep 2.0, meanwhile, utilizes its heart rate and motion sensors to monitor the user’s sleep cycles, which the band then “scores” in terms of quality. Users can analyze their sleep quality score to help develop healthier sleeping habits, which are especially useful for people struggling with sleeping disorders or very busy schedules.

TruRelax on the Watch GT 2, on the other hand, is a true crunch-time companion thanks to its stress monitoring and management functions. TruRelax can even train the wearer in relaxing breathing techniques to release stress at just the right time.

  • Go the distance with a dash of personality

Sporting large and colorful high-resolution displays, the Watch GT 2 and Band 4 leaves plenty of customization opportunities for people who favor unique, personal touches to their fitness tracking. The Huawei Watch Face Store features an abundance of stylish themes for users, whether they prefer minimalist typefaces, loud neon layouts, or futuristic motifs – there’s a face that suits the mood for everyone. 

  • Dual Wearing Modes for added dimension in fitness tracking

A nifty feature unique to the Huawei Band 4E is its two wearing modes: Wrist Mode and Foot Mode. Depending on the wearer’s activity, the Band 4E can be worn as a wristband or attached to the shoe for more versatile movement tracking functionality. Foot mode specifically measures jumping and running data, which factors greatly into the device’s Basketball Mode and Running Guidance features.

Basketball Mode gives b-ball players and enthusiasts an idea of how pros use data to improve their game. Basketball performance tracking records important data like jump height, bounce, air time, calories burned, distance, average/highest move speed for detailed blow-by-blow comparisons with friends courtside.

Running Guidance utilizes the Band 4E’s 6-Axis Motion sensor to perform foot strike analysis, which helps users improve movement patterns and habits during various workout scenarios. Avid runners and athletes who rely heavily on foot movement can Running Guidance as a training measure to avoid the risk of injuries.

This quick sample of the capabilities of Huawei’s wearables only scratch the surface; these HMS (Huawei Mobile Services)-powered devices weave in seamlessly with Huawei’s other smart gadgets, opening the door to countless applications and possibilities in fitness, home, office, entertainment, transportation, and more.


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