After the EPSON presentation, we were then sorted into different teams and I went to Team Yellow. My teammates were Kevin of Yugatech, Raffy of TechPatrol, Darwin, Myrns, and later (Karina).

While we skipped the traditional “Name Game” on the first night, the newly-formed teams did have a chance to bond with the The first game of the night. Karaoke Me was a cross between Charades and Pinoy Henyo, we did good but by the end of the night we ended up tied with several other teams.

I thought my team was all about just having fun and enjoying the scenery, turns out our team leader Kevin was part of the winning team for the past few years and it seemed he wasnt ready for that streak to end.

epson siargao (187)

epson siargao (178)

Powered by Siargao’s freshly cooked Pan De Surf and a heavy breakfast we headed to the first of seven stops for our version of Amazing Race–Ready Set SiarGO!epson siargao (193) epson siargao (192)

We were the first to board the van and leave the hotel, however, our driver, got lost and was a bit confused to the location of the first challenge. It was a good thing all the other teams got lost as well and by the time we got to the starting point, every body was dead even.

The first challenge was kayak race at Malinao Mangroves. Team Black was able to find the first gem while the other teams got back first to the starting point. It was a good thing that we were the first complete team to begin the Sup Yoga Challenge to give us a head start going to the third challenge!  epson siargao (209)

epson siargao (610)

At the Yoga challenge our teammates had to imitate several yoga poses on top of the surfboard, with the last task was to spell out the word E-P-S-O-N. The rest of us looked for the Gem to get us some extra points. We were the first to accomplish this task and Kevin found the gem as we headed to the Market for the next challenge.

To get to the General Luna Market, we had to ride in pairs on a habal habal, a first time for Myrns and Me, so we asked our driver to go a bit slow. Apparently the rest of our team had no problem riding a motorcycle and got ahead and accomplished the next task, which was to buy ourselves some food which we’d be cooking for lunch.

As soon as Myrns and I arrived, our teammates were already rushing to get to our boat, which would prove to be the most, make it the 2nd most difficult task for me. Wading through leg deep sea water, the challenge was not to fall into one of the pits lest you get your bag, and cellphones wet. It was also a bit of a long walk and the current was a bit strong. It didn’t help that I was wearing slippers so whenever it would fall off I had to stop and find it amidst the blurry 7 water

EPSON F7 3The next challenge was Kusina sa Daku which was to cook lunch for our entire team. A seemingly easy task except for the part where we had to start a fire. It was a good thing we had Raffy who knew how to start a fire and mommy Karina who was wise enough to buy chicken and ingredients to cook adobo I was tasked to gather firewood and other stuff to help us cook our meal and once it was cooked we had a good ol’ boodle lunch.

The next challenge, Buko Cup, was just nearby  and we had to “bowl” buko and reach a specified score. It was a team effort and we easily accomplished the challenge way ahead of the other siargao (230)

Our next destination was Naked Island to find the hidden message in a bottle. WHICH WAS SO DARN HARD! We almost lost our more than 30 minute advantage since the teams we left at Daku Island were already arriving. We were tired and exhausted, and it was only by a stroke of luck that I was able to find the bottle.

fusion naked island

From there it was a race back to the hotel for the remaining two challenges, to score several soccer goals and complete the gigantic EPSON FUSION puzzle.

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All the teams were at the hotel and it was a very close fight to the finish and thankfully our team won! Woohoo…Epson Fusion Champ for the first time!

epson siargao (513)

epson siargao (521) epson siargao (553) epson siargao (582) epson siargao (599) epson siargao (608)

Here’s a video that perfectly sums up our awesome Epson Fusion 7 Adventure! cant wait for next year!

OPPO F1 Plus Price Drops from P21,990 to P19,990