Easy Tips on How to Write a College Essay about Music

All the students, who are preparing to apply for college, realize that writing a great essay is one of the most important steps to success. However, what are the main writing rules you should follow to be enrolled? What are the best topics for your admission essay? These tips on how to write a college essay about music will help you to compose your own brilliant essay text like 1-2-3!

What is the Main Idea of Your Essay?

Your topic should be original. You have only a couple of moments to impress a college admission board and distinguish yourself from thousands of other applications. It’s like giving a shot about your personality, your views, ideas, achievements and future plans. Furthermore, it’s necessary to describe what benefits and contribution you can offer to the academic community of your college.

The best option for a successful college essay about music is to let the college admission board know who you really are. Avoid writing a novel about your best qualities and outstanding academic progress, but at the same time don’t make yourself a victim, who fought a serious illness or mental disease.

It’s better to be honest and not to exaggerate your achievements. However, don’t write the whole story from the heart; make sure to pick up the auditor’s attention from the first lines.

The Most Popular Music Essay Topics

  • The Evolution of Music
  • The Effects of Music on Children and Teenagers
  • Functions of Music in Advertising
  • Music and Learning Foreign Languages
  • Modern Music and Its Influence on Culture
  • Music Piracy and Ways to Prevent it
  • Major Music Subcultures
  • What is Music for You
  • Newest Technologies in Music
  • An Importance of Music in People’s Lives
  • Ancient Music
  • Renaissance Music

If you’ve chosen any of the topics above, don’t forget to write your personal attitude towards the subject.

The Best Structure for a College Essay about Music

First of all, your paper should be logically divided into two parts. The first part should include the detailed research on the chosen topic. Here you will need to find as much information as possible, describe the views of the industry professionals on the issue, as well as provide some historical facts (if needed). The public opinion, recent developments, and deep research are the keys to success in your essay’s first part.

Note, that the main idea of your essay about music should be modern and interesting. Avoid writing on too generalized subjects or obvious topics. Note, the more you write in the first paragraph, the easier it will be to write your second part of the essay.

The second part of the paper is also of great importance. It should contain your personal attitude towards the topic, your views, and ideas on solving the issue. Although the second paragraph usually reflects your own thoughts, you might also use citations and quotations. However, don’t forget about the strict plagiarism requirements for any college admission essay. Write down all the sources of your essay about music and make sure to format references in a proper way.

Note: avoid giving out other people’s thoughts for your own. This is one of the most common mistakes of thousands of applicants, who are automatically rejected due to plagiarism.

What are the Vital Features of Any Successful Essay?

  • Although it is an obvious tip, many students still write boring essays on boring subjects in a boring style. Try to show your creativity by writing what you really think about the chosen topic.
  • Long sentences, odd word order, and scientific phrases will not make your paper successful. The best is usually simple.
  • Firstly, don’t write on the subject you are not sure about. Secondly, proofread your text several times to avoid any mistakes and misprints.

Remember that every college has its own particular requirements to enrollment essays. Make sure to meet all of them! Moreover, your essay shouldn’t be too long or extremely short.

Another prompt for those who are writing a college admission essay about music is to get some feedback before sending your paper’s final version to a college. Just ask your parents, teachers or friends to criticize your essay; they might notice some important issues that should be fixed.

All in all, don’t make your essay a struggle. Try to write your paper in a good mood in the morning hours, pay attention to details, and you’ll get the best possible essay easily and quickly!

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