Drive On by the The Pub Forties hits Spotify’s New Music Friday

“You’ve got to drive on the right track or you’ll never get home,” just as you probably wont  get through the horrendous traffic without listening to some good music.

Good thing there’s always something new on Spotify. And last Friday I discovered that one of my friend’s songs–“Drive On” made it to Spotify’s New Music list.  

The song was written by Yugel Losorata, a writer friend who is part of The Pub Forties, a group of veteran journalists who decided to create songs when they’re not writing headlines for their respective publications. The catchy new single is a followup to “Road Rage.”

The track, an upbeat original that encourages listeners to “keep an eye on every road” and “see love with eyes straight” came out late January, with some music insiders predicting it to be the band’s breakthrough hit.

The group, whose members write articles for  various daily broadsheets, performed at the recent trade show Photo World Asia 2018 held in Glorietta Activity Center, Makati.

“It’s already a good feeling seeing your band’s song released on Spotify. What more if it’s selected in the popular feature New Music Friday. This is really something to smile about,” said Yugel Losorata, the band’s bass player who wrote “Drive On.”

Yugel, a veteran in the music press who interviews musicians, happened to let crooner Richard Poon hear “Drive On” prior to release, with the latter commenting, “It’s a nice recording with international feel.”

Late last year, The Pub Forties performed on 107.5 Wish FM Bus and Newsroom5Live. The group, both recording originals and covering modern classics, debuted summer last year with “Road Rage”, an 80-ish pop rock melancholia digitally released by Warner Music Philippines.

All four official members met in media circles, each with considerable background in professional recording and live gigging. They are Aries Espinosa (lead vocals), Yugel (bass, back-up vocals), Vince Borromeo (guitar, back-up vocals), and Kap Maceda-Aguila (drums). Millennial sessionists Jason Ahig (guitar), Jay-R Villabrille (drums), and Ferdz Salamat (percussion, guitar) round up the current lineup.

The rising act released a couple of new songs last December titled “The Truth” and “Pagbabago Ang Alay”. “The Truth”, a cathartic ballad anchored on vocal harmonies, is said to be sonically inspired by the classic Kansas song “Dust In The Wind” and Led Zeppelin’s version of “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You.”

Its artwork is created by California-based Filipino-American visual artist Stephen Deita who crafted the beautiful image 20 years ago. With “Drive On,” The Pub Forties are fast-solidifying their adult contemporary inclination, combining elements of pop, rock, and ballad in delightfully bright sonic texture.

The band, with its music video for “Road Rage” rotating on MYX music channel, has both an FB page and YouTube channel. A bar tour is being set for them to promote their digital singles and play their renditions of hits from the 90s and 80s.

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Written by eduy

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