Devant encourages TV Get Together with G2G campaign

Remember the time before there was “FACEBOOK” before social media consumed our lives and we watched everything on the small screen?

If you don’t, you probably missed a lot of good times–when updates were made face to face, family chat was done face to face and not via text or messenger, and emojis were seen on the face and not on icons.

Primetime was better than Facetime and everyone wanted to rush home for dinner because bonding time was not just a hashtag.

It was a time when everyone wanted a big screen TV because after dinner time meant watching the primetime shows on the few channels we had–and less choices were good because you didn’t have to fight over the remote (that is if your TV had one in the first place)

Its hard to believe that in just a few years, those nightly get togethers are now a thing of the past, because we have been to consumed by the small screen and everything that is on the internet.

Hoping to bring back those nightly habits, Devant TV recently launched its “7:30 PM TV Get Together” campaign that seeks to instill the importance of family bonding through watching TV together.

Launched last Nov 23 at Industrial Park Pasig with Devant executives and members of the media, the project shows the importance of bringing family together and relax at the comfort of their house watching their favorite TV show.

In this millenial age where everyone in the family is busy with their own lives. Wherein the parents are occupied with long working hours and children with their studies and smartphones. It is rare that all would gather around a table to share meals together. Spending quality time with the kids are a must nowadays what proper way to do it is to gather them and watch television together. devant-g2g-5
7:30PM TV Get Together aims to promote that every night at 7:30PM, everyone is urged to spend time with the people they care about . And at the center of it all, are the convenience and quality of experience every Devant Big Screen TV brings.

Devant comes up with The Devant Habit. It is this convenience that Devant, aims to tap and promote by delving deep into what matters most — one’s family. Driven by the tagline “Changing lives in a big way,” Devant hopes to instill the importance of strengthening personal ties by simply enjoying a simple habit — watching TV.

And you know what’s another favorite activity? TV time! It doesn’t seem to matter what everyone watches: The latest movie, a favorite series, a game show, a video of everyone’s unforgettable getaway, or even playing a new video game — no matter what the family is watching or doing, TV makes a great tool for bonding.devant-g2g-10

Have we really become slaves to technology? Well, it depends on how you see it. Although one can’t deny the addicting appeal of having and doing everything at a touch of a finger, there’s also the side of technology that offers us such amazing convenience.

Technology offers everything — an avenue to shop without leaving the house, ways to share memories with loved ones leaving far away, easy communication, and the availability of information wherever you

It is this convenience that Devant, aims to tap and promote by delving deep into what matters most — one’s family. Driven by the tagline “Changing lives in a big way,” Devant hopes to instill the importance of strengthening personal ties by simply enjoying a simple habit — watching TV.

7:30PM TV G2G

Through the project 7:30 PM TV Get Together, Devant hopes to create moments where people can take a break from their busy schedules, and spend some quiet, quality time with the people they love the most — and what better way to bond than watching your favorite shows together on Devant’s Big Screen TVs?

Through the 7:30 PM TV Get Together, every night becomes a TV bonding night when families and friends get to enjoy their favorite shows together. The experience, is of course enhanced via Devant’s Ultra HD Big Screen TVs complemented with surround sound to make bonding nights more memorable.

Devant Curved Ultra HD TVdevant-1 devant-4

One of the most notable products in Devant’s exceptional line-up is the AVC400 Curved Ultra HD TV. It has a 3840×2160 resolution with 60Hz Vivid Motion and powered by a Quad-core CPU and a built-in ISDB-T receiver. Already a smart TV, this model has various connectivity options and is perfect for streaming your favorite videos from YouTube and Netflix.devant-3

The Devant AVC400 Curved Ultra HD TV lets you embrace the beauty of every detail with its 65-inch and 55-inch screens and allows you to experience the perfect immersive experience with features such as the Anyview Cast – a screen mirroring function that allows you to seamlessly share your favorite music, photos or videos from your mobile phone or tablet to your TV without the need for cables.devant-2

Also to be considered are Devant’s Ultra HD TV models, as well as their Smart and LEDTech TV models that make viewing such a treat. With televisions like these, everyone is sure to look forward to bonding time with the family at 7:30PM!

The Devant Manifesto

7:30 PM TV G2G is part of Devant’s manifesto of promoting the responsible role of a TV brand in bringing together families through a shared enjoyable activity such as TV time. The brand sees television as a unique catalyst that creates a welcoming environment where families and friends can simply take a step back from the solitary effects of technology and enjoy being with each other.
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