DATA DON’T BREACH: Data Management Trends from the Veritas Vision Executive Forum

I MIGHT have forgotten my sunblock, but I made sure I had a complete blister pack of paracetamol and an unopened bottle of White Flower during my recent trip to Bali.

It was one of the rare times I was invited to cover an enterprise event and data management solutions isn’t exactly my cup of milk tea. Thankfully, the speeches weren’t all that technical and even the afternoon sessions didn’t have any of those nose-bleed moments I was expecting.

So while the headache meds and White Flower returned to Manila untouched, I did get happily sunburned.


VERITAS Technologies, the worldwide leader in enterprise data protection and software-defined storage, held its Veritas Vision Executive Forum last week at The Mulia in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia. The conference brought together regional customers, partners and technology leaders to discuss abstract information-technology complexity, and how Veritas solutions can empower their businesses, as well.

Over 50,000 enterprises—including 99 percent of the Fortune 100—rely on Veritas for abstract IT complexity and simplify data management. Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform automates the protection and orchestrates the recovery of data everywhere it lives, ensuring 24/7 availability of business-critical applications, and provides enterprises with the insights they need to comply with evolving data regulations.

In today’s digital economy, data is critical. It is the lifeblood of an organization and the new fuel for growth. Data centers are constantly evolving and becoming more complex, making it ever more challenging for enterprises to monitor and manage all their resources. The explosion of data in the digital economy has direct implication for IT and administrators who must acquire the best products while keeping cost down.

According to IDC, data is projected to grow to 175 zettabytes by 2025, and businesses have to deal with data that is spread across the core data centers, the cloud or at the edge. To add to the complexity, organizations have to contend with new cyber

threats that aim to expose data for financial gain, and with data governance regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which are intensifying complex data protection and storage challenges for customers.

Infrastructure complexity is damaging IT’s ability to meet the demands of enterprises. “It is the ultimate goal of Veritas Vision Executive Forum to empower customers to abstract the IT complexity across physical, virtual or cloud platforms so they can focus on their desired business outcomes. Today, customers simply need applications to be available, data to be always protected and recoverable, and insights to achieve optimization and regulatory compliance,” said Ravi Rajendran, vice president and managing director of Asia South Region, Veritas.

While this is not a new challenge, it is a real issue that data-driven organizations continue to struggle with, especially when there are many new threats out there that aim to expose data for gain.

One key takeaway from the conference is how Veritas can harness important data, seek insight into that data to make it usable and an asset to drive business. Digital disruption is forcing customers to rethink their IT consumption and services. Trends, such as 5G and IoT are leading to a more decentralized IT infrastructure. Data management is proving to be more than just backing up data on premises or to the cloud.  As cloud and multi-cloud services continue to grow, Veritas helps businesses to migrate to the cloud or create a valuable environment between your data and cloud provider.

Ravi also stressed the importance of standardization, because while businesses can have several different environments, it would be a lot more efficient to have a single united data services platform.

On the issue of cyber attacks, we learned that ransomware has become a $33 billion industry and merely 50 percent of affected companies actually recover their data even after paying ransom. That is why organizations must always have an immutable copy of data that is good to go, good to be restored, unencumbered by ransomware demands.

Cyber attacks are becoming a key concern and many of Veritas’s customers are looking for a solution, not just to prevent attacks but, more important,to be able to recover as quickly as possible when it does happen. They also cautioned that small and medium-scale enterprises might be the next target of these ransomware attacks, especially since big companies are investing more into making sure their data is secure.


VERITAS Vision is part of a series of more than 20 events globally designed to showcase the latest data management best practices and technologies, and the Bali edition offered an opportunity for an exclusive cadre of executives to exchange insights and discuss IT challenges plaguing businesses today.

Highlights of the keynote sessions included speeches from Deepak Mohan, executive vice president, enterprise data protection and compliance, Veritas; Chris Lin, senior vice president of sales, Asia Pacific and Japan region, Veritas; CIO thoughts by John Abel, senior vice president and CIO, Veritas; and a customer panel discussion about new ways to manage data complexity.

Lin said Veritas is the king of data protection and stressed they are the only one that could offer API—namely availability, protection and insights, delivered via their Enterprise Data Services Platform, or EDSP.

Managing data is becoming too complex and the key lies in abstraction. In June, the company announced its new EDSP, a unified set of technologies designed to abstract the complexity of enterprise IT and a brand-new set of connections across the Veritas product portfolio.

Powered by Veritas NetBackup 8.2, Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform allows customers to get what matters to them most, simply: highly available apps, always protected and recoverable data, and insights that drive operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Key innovations that differentiate Veritas NetBackup include: scalable data protection which gives organizations the confidence of recovering large environments in the face of ransomware, data loss or other threats to modern enterprises; automated, multi-cloud integration that supports a broad range of operating systems, hypervisors and relational databases, providing organizations unified data protection regardless of where they are on their cloud journey; and extensive storage options that integrate with a wide range of storage arrays, object storage, public cloud targets and tape device vendors, ensuring seamless integration into heterogenous environments.

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