Dam Easy Flood Barriers now in the PH

Some of the most successful companies in the world are often defined by signature, innovative products. Apple has its iPhone and Mac computers, Rayban has its Aviator and Wayfarer sunglasses and Daikin had its split system air-conditioning units.

In the case of All Weather Industries (AWI), the Irish-owned company founded in 2017, it quickly found its own niche with its revolutionary Dam Easy flood protection barriers.

Since it was launched by AWI in Ireland in September, 2017, it almost immediately took its domestic market by storm, especially since the country and its neighboring European countries are prone to floods. Word of mouth on the off-the-shelf, easy to install quality flood protection barrier spread like wildfire that the demand for Dam Easy quickly reached global heights.

“In 2018 out biggest market was the USA with about 60/40 split of commercial to residential although [currently] our number one city in the world is Hong Kong which a 50/50 split. This year the mix is changing as we expand. Mainland Europe is becoming very strong and so is the middle East,” AWI CEO and co-founder Brian Mooney revealed.

Today, Dam Easy Flood Barriers are now sold in 28 countries through 21 distribution partners and is also available online.

In Asia, AWI recently partnered with Scottsdale Corporation to launch the Dam Easy Flood Barriers in the Philippines.

Scottsdale Corporation will manage and operates the sole distribution of this flood solution in the Philippines. Both Mooney and Scottsdale President Cheriza Manalang are one in saying that the Philippines is an ideal market for Dam Easy Flood Barriers.

“The Philippines is at risk for disasters including floods and typhoons. There are numerous typhoons make landfall here every year.” Manalang noted.

And it’s not just households in residential areas that stand to benefit from Dam Easy Flood Barriers.

Data from the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED EM-DAT) of Belgium revealed that in 2015 alone, the Philippines experienced a staggering P28.43 billion in economic losses due to flooding so yes, business is also adversely affected by this kind of calamity.

As a result of Dam Easy Flood Barriers effectiveness in the residential areas in Metro Manila that it initially serviced, Manalang said Scottsdale growing clientele now includes commercial establishments.

“More and more companies are realizing the considerable losses they incur when their establishments are flooded,” she said.

Flood protection products maybe new to the Philippine market, but AWI, together with Scottsdale, has pioneered this technology to make the flood barriers cost-efficient.

“We are talking to financial institutions and studying other means in which we can bring Dam Easy Flood Barriers to more homes and business establishments,” Manalang disclosed.

For more information, visit, or follow DamEasy PH (on Facebook), dameasy_ph (on Instagram), and Dam Easy Philippines (on LinkedIn).

About All Weather Industries Limited:
All Weather Industries is an Irish owned flood protection company which launched to market in September 2017 with the Dam Easy flood barrier; an off-the-shelf, easy to install quality flood protection barrier. Dam Easy is a unique patented Irish design, being the first barrier with a unique pneumatic seal requiring no tools or fixings or sealant to install. The barriers have gone through rigorous certification in Germany
Launching in Ireland and the U.K initially, and extending across Europe and now globally the Dam Easy brand is sold in 28 countries through 21 distribution partners worldwide and is also available online and will launch into retail on two continents later this year reflecting an ever increasing consumer and commercial demand for flood protection products.
The company is focused on the development of easy/self install flood protection products to make flood protection more available as both co-founders understand the devastating effect of flooding. The company’s mission is Flood Protection Made Easy “Because we care.”

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