Cosplay Queen Alodia Gosiengfiao shows off her gaming skils at Mercs Online Championship

DATE: MAY 9, 2014 / FRIDAY


Proving that she is more than just a cutie with many faces and costumes, Cosplay Queen Alodia Gosiengfiao took on some of the best First Person Shooter gamers in one fierce gunfight.

The shoot-off was part of the GameX MERCS FINAL TOURNAMENT organized by upstart gaming publisher MASSIVE GAMING ( in partnership with GAMEX, SMART COMMUNICATIONS (

Arriving in a black laced-laden dress, Alodia was at her usual charming self as she took selfies with fans and answered questions from selected media guests.

DSC_0137 (Large) DSC_1445 (Large)

When I asked her, “You love gaming right?” She gave me the smile that launched a Facebook “religion” of sorts, saying “That isn’t even a question, and recalled she was a gamer first before she got into Cosplay.

Check out the rest of the interview in the video below:

Not only did gamers get a chance to meet and take pictures with Alodia, but some lucky ones even got the opportunity join TEAM ALODIA in an entertaining exhibition match versus the GM MASSIVE TEAM. Alodia showed her skills in Mercenary Online off the bat by getting double kills in the Dust 1 map, even defusing the bomb in one round earning them the win.


DSC_0023 (Large) DSC_0051 (Large)

DSC_0109 (Large) DSC_0094 (Large) DSC_0101 (Large) DSC_0111 (Large)

DSC_0006 (Large)
During the event, Alodia also launched her newest in-game character. A wind goddess, the specially designed character for Alodia is for Massive Gaming’s latest Battle Arena game, “Dragon Fist Tournament” ( which can only be acquired thru the GameX Portal ( Massive Gaming also introduced its latest game to its line up a, “The Aurora World” ( a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game with massive PVP modes to play in.

Alodia DFT (Large)


The GameX Mercs tournament is a culmination of a nine-month long tournament across with more than 500 professional and amateur teams (2,500 gamers) joining the battle from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

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Fifteen (15) teams for Mercenary Online and Sixteen (16) teams for WarRock managed to survive the online elimination carnage that battled it out on a live stage in front of thousands of fans cheering them on. With the champion taking home not only bragging rights, the teams will also enjoy a total of PHP 300,000.00 in cash, game merchandise, in-game items, custom trophies and awesome gaming gear courtesy of Steel Series.

DSC_1148 (Large)

It was an action packed day as the player community showed up in droves to support their favourite teams and participate in the many activities on-going at the event. Massive Gaming did indeed put on an entertaining show with numerous pocket events such as a cosplay competition, “Epic Boss” eating contest, photo booths, face painting, raffle draws, merchandise giveaways, super sales and rare in-game item releases.

Many players also came to meet Massive Gaming’s awesome game masters, especially GM Rhaine who is dubbed the most popular GM in the country.

When the smoke cleared, upstart clan, Relevant from Pasig, a relative tournament newbie, finished off [A]NBU at a 7 – 0 score and brought home the PHP 100,000 cash prize;  [A]NBU from Quezon City who were previous top placers in our previous nationwide tournament came in second winning PHP 70,000.00 and ANBU from Paranaque City was third in place winning PHP 30,000.00.

3rd Place [A]NBU Paranaque
3rd Place [A]NBU Paranaque
2nd Placers ANBU QC
2nd Placers ANBU QC
MERCs Champions TEAM Relevant
MERCs Champions TEAM Relevant


The WARROCK NATIONALS 2014 tournament, ended with the 4th place (PHP 4,000.00) Soldados Handsom who came all the way from Bicol and Locusts Handsomes from Rizal winning the 3rd place slot (PHP 15,000.00) at a 5 – 9 win. Finally the 1st place Supreme Champion (PHP 30,000.00), Locusts Inspired from Metro Manila wins versus Hostility Cebu from Bacolod at a final score of 9 – 3 earning them the 2nd place (PHP 20,000.00) slot. The Clan Locusts truly dominated this tournament with 2 of out their 5 participating teams placing!

The eventful packed day wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing location sponsor SM CYBERZONE, GAMEX the easiest way to load up with MCOINS, IT partner, MSI, Gaming partner, Steel Series, the ultra-fast connection of PLDT and TUNE Hotel for housing our players.


3rd Locusts Handsomes
3rd Locusts Handsomes
 2nd Hostility Clan
2nd Hostility Clan

MERCENARY ONLINE is an action packed, next generation, multiplayer, PC, Third Person shooter game. Compete Head-to-Head in 8v8 battles across various game modes or go PVE in intense Co-Op missions that culminate in epic boss fights.

Unique PVP and PVE features include:
Zombie Survival Scenarios
Mech (Robot) Wars
Dinosaur Survival Mode
Dungeon raids with epic Boss fights
Capture the Flag Battlegrounds
Treasure Hunt Race
Big Head Battle
Sniper Shootout
To register and play Mercenary Online, go to MERCS.PH and click on the links provided.

WAR ROCK is the country’s first, first person shooter set in the war-torn Republic of Derbaran, where two factions are fighting in an ongoing war for control of the region. Decide which faction you will side with and be prepared to fight to the death as you take on your enemies. You can choose to enlist either with the NIU rebels of the Derbaran Military, taking on one of five varied but equally crucial roles – Engineer, Medic, Assault, Sniper or Heavy Trooper. Each of these roles will bring different responsibilities and a different position on the battlefield. Strive to bring down your enemies as you charge forward in armored vehicles including Blackhawk choppers, F-15 Eagles and K1 tanks.
Unique PVP and PVE features include:
Conquest Mode
Capture the base
Individual Deathmatch
Bombing Mission
Team Deathmatch
Zombie mode
To register and play War Rock, go to WARROCK.PH and click on the links provided.

Legends tell of the nine ‘Ruin Weapons’. These nine remnants of a god’s divine weapon combine to bring the wielder unlimited power.
One thousand years have passed since mortals last gathered ‘The Nine’ together to save the land from the dreaded ‘Tyrant of the Void’. At the time of his defeat, the Ruin Weapons vanished.
Time passes, kingdoms rise and fall and the once unified land has split into squabbling factions. The Lord of the Middle State has grown obsessed with combining The Nine again, to use its power to conquer and rule. The land is falling into shadow once again… and only YOU can change its fate!
Game features include:
9 Unique and exciting Classes
Heroic Boss Fights
Epic Armor Sets
Thurndering Mounts
Built in Bot System
Multiple PVP modes
Level 90 cap!
To register and play Blade9, go to BLADE9.PH and click on the links provided.

Dragon Fist Tournament is a competitive online multiplayer game that combines the PVP battles of an MMORPG and the strategic gameplay of a MOBA game in a battle arena.
Multiple Game Modes include:
Zombie survival
Boss Battles
Faction Wars
More than 40 Heroes to play with!!! Including the unique Alodia Gosiengfiao Hero!
To register and play Blade9, go to BLADE9.PH and click on the links provided.



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