Beyoncé is most streamed female artist on Spotify by women


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Spotify is celebrating International Women’s Day by revealing that megastar Beyoncé really is the girl who runs the world, as she claims the top spot for most streamed female artist by women around the globe.

Her chart topping album Beyoncé with its catchy pro-female lyrics – including ‘I’m flawless’ and ‘I woke up like this’ –has helped her to the top spot. Rihanna, whose Eminem duet The Monster has garnered over 200 million streams on Spotify–claimed the crown of most streamed woman of all time for the third year in a row. Dark Horse singer Katy Perry came in a close second.

Spotify has also analysed its streaming data to identify Ultraviolence star Lana Del Rey as the most streamed female artist in the U.S. Beyoncé came in second, with Katy Perry claiming the bronze medal. Topping the charts of the Philippine’s most streamed female artist is the young pop star Ariana Grande, followed by the singer known for her peculiar stage props, Katy Perry. Making it to the third notch is Grammy Award-winning artist, Beyoncé.

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As for men, Spotify found that, globally, males listen to Katy Perry the most, with Lorde coming in as the top female artist streamed by men in the U.S. For Pinoy men, Ariana Grande still occupies the first seat.

Adding to the celebration, stars Kate Upton and Tegan and Sara have curated playlists filled with inspirational songs for and by their favourite women. Spotify has also created a special playlist for International Women’s Day, featuring all of the most streamed females from across the globe.In addition, a playlist series curated for the whole of Women’s History Month is now available on Spotify, celebrating influential women in music across a variety of genres.

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